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The Trump Biden debate. Will Biden lose his ear piece and get confused? Will Trump be on the defensive?

ramzpaul 8 Sep 29
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I don’t think it matters anymore and that includes the election as well. Before people start jumping on me consider the facts. The first, second, and fourth amendments of the Bill of Rights are essentially gone. An elite, untouchable ruling class controls the government and not even Trump has been able to touch them as they’ve been trying to destroy him since before he took office. The mainstream media and pop culture (which includes Hollywood, the music industry, and national sports) are completely controlled by this same ruling class and there are now several generations that have been completely brainwashed by it. I think we are fooling ourselves if we believe we are going to vote our way out of this anymore.

Andyman Level 8 Sep 29, 2020


@tonkotsu TINVOWOOT?

@Andyman There Is No Voting Our Way Out Of ThisπŸ‘ŒπŸ»

Learn something new every day. Thanks.


I just wanted to preface that I really like your videos.😊

I don't trust the polls at all. Mostly because I'm one of the ones that doesn't participate in them. I haven't even told my family who I'm voting for.πŸ˜‚ It's actually concerning.πŸ˜…

Healthcare has been an issue for decades. Not excusing it, just it's always been handed down from president to president. So I'm expecting a lot more of the blame game, mostly focused around Obamacare.

COVID will be an interesting topic. I'm curious how the CDC's 6% statistic will be handled. There's also the fact many doctors and scientists were banned off left leaning social media sites for having different views on how it should be handled. Lockdowns have proved both mentally and physically damaging to peoples health. I want to say Sweden didn't do any lockdowns and they're doing ok? (I'll have to look that up)

I think Biden's been playing a "character" of a kind old grandpa type. I saw a bit of fire in him when he was hit with the Hunter question by reporters. Either way, he's easily set off by certain things. And Trumps good at pushing buttons.

Biden's been on Twitter asking for Trumps taxes. He said he's showing his for the last 22 years. Should Trump show his?

MSM especially CNN will have a post show "fact check" on everything Trump says, call him a liar, and excuse whatever blunder Biden does. So, I am hoping there's something that can't be so easily dismissed on Bidens end.

I'm going to watch on whatever uninterrupting* live stream I can find. I'm worried MSM coverage is going to cut in every 5 minutes like how they covered the RNC.

I'm rooting for Trump.😁

*uninterrupting lol not interrupting

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