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The Kolor of Karen:

Ramzpaul says that women tend to be more gung ho about enforcing silly rules, but in my experience, it has only been men, specifically white men, who have demanded that I wear a mask.

I've been talked to by 3 random concerned strangers in public about my lack of a mask. 2 of which were likely non-Jewish white men, and 1 was likely a Jewish man. When I lived in China from January-July, not a single stranger ever demanded I wear a mask. They would sometimes ask why I wasn't wearing one, but only in an inquisitive way. When I'd say "I'm not scared of the virus," they would laugh, but still allow me to shop in their bakeries. The only people who demanded I wear a mask in China were security guards who guarded the entrances to malls and supermarkets.

What has been the Ramzpaul fan community's experience with Karens? How many Karens have accosted you, and what were their races and genders? For me, it's been 3 white men, 0 Asians, 0 blacks, 0 Hispanics.

tenslein 6 Sep 30
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I've had mostly women chastise me about my mask. I had 1 man that I can think of. Most of the women have been morbidly obese too.


A few weeks ago, I got to the store and realized I had left my mask at home. I thought to myself, "fuck it, I'll just go in, and if anyone says anything to me, I'll tell the truth: I left my mask at home." Nobody said anything to me. I repeat: Nobody said anything. It was kind of a revelation.
The next time I went into a grocery store, I didn't forget my mask, I just didn't wear it (didn't have one) and a mask-patrol girl asked me if I had one. I told her I did not, that I had left it at home, which was true. She told me I "couldn't be in the store without one" which I found funny, since I clearly WAS in the store (lol) but anyway, I asked her if they could provide me one since they were making us wear them. Long story short: they were out of free masks so I ended up buying one ($2 kit of mask/saniwipes/pair of gloves) quite the industry popping up, but I digress...
I decided after that that I would not buy anymore mask kits, but that I would still always walk into the store without one, leaving it in the car, i.e., forcing the person to ask me to put it on. And you know what? At least seven out of ten times, nobody has said a SINGLE THING to me about a mask.
I think this is the best approach for most normal people right now - nobody wants to end up tazed or on youtube, but we also cannot just accept these insane measures, because they will never stop if we don't push back. Bottom line, it's NOT THAT SCARY once you do it, and see nothing bad happens (first time my heart was racing!) You can just buy one or get yours out of the car, or even have it in your purse. But I think it's crucial to force that person to make a decision about whether they're going to enforce an arbitrary rule or not. Most people won't because they know it's wrong. But also remember, it's not the cashier or mask-patrol girl who made up the rules, so BE NICE if they do decide to enforce it - that's between them and God. Don't take it out on the sheep, just set the example. Don't get into any discussions about covid stats or free speech - it's not the right time/place. Just don't go along with it, right out of the gate. If even a few more people did this... masks would END within one week.

Most stores in my neighborhood have signs saying you have to wear one to go in. I admire your courage, but I’d rather not go through the stress and hassle of not wearing a mask in American stores. If it makes you feel good to take a stand in this way, then I say keep doing it.

I’ve taken stands in sillier ways before. Like one time I got banned from my commercial gym because I refused to put on a shirt. I was angry about something else at the time, which was why I felt like taking a stand.

I totally hear what you're saying about the stress (it was really scary the first time) but it gets easier, and most people say nothing. If someone says something, you just say "oh, dang, I totally forgot!" (nicely is the key) and then put it on. No stress🙂


I’m in NY and the only person I saw telling on people was this middle aged looking Manlet who kind of looked like a loser.


One Hispanic male, three white females.

wolfhnd Level 8 Sep 30, 2020

Only the Kentucky Governor has told me to wear a mask. But everybody knows that he's a whiffenpoof, so there's not a lot of excitement about it around here.

Triumph Level 6 Sep 30, 2020
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