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Trump emerges from the hospital feeling better than ever. Tells Americans not to live in fear of COVID.

ramzpaul 8 Oct 5
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HASN'T PRESIDENT TRUMP JUST MADE HIMSELF A GUINEA PIG BY TRYING SOMETHING NEW IN THE HOSPITAL?! Remember, he wasn't frightened to take Hydroxycloroquine, so I believe that he's taken the latest Covid medication mix as an aid toward finding a cure!!
Just know this, he's a Gemini, who fights for the common good, and for All Mankind, and is not afraid!
Melania is a Taurus, that complements him well, as does all Geminis and Taurus married couples do.


He looks SO healthy! He's doing amazingly I think he's amazing!

Joe Biden would have died!

Love seeing the sicko libs pretend he's unwell! Sickos.

I read a comment a lady made, wish I'd thought of it first, and she said, she believed the Democrats had the Republican's swabs infected with Coivid, as Pelosi had said, she had one more trick up her sleeve, and that could very well be true, because doesn't it seem strange that all these Republicans are now coming down with it, but not one Democrat!!! I wish you well.

@WisdomWarrior9 it's SO OBVIOUS that the republicans are being POISONED by the sicko libs as why are they all catching it and the LIBS not catching it?

This is bigger than OBAMAGATE


200K dead and counting, no need to worry?

And I hope you're blaming CHINA for that as we are here in Australia. I wish you well.


The man looks unwell, physically and mentally.


Also let's not start being irresponsible so quickly.


interesting on a number of levels - so does DJ and Melania have COVID-19 or not - was he symptomatic when he entered the hospital or not?
In the past when I had the flu I remenber being puny/weak first day - better next day - almost died 4 days later with extremely high fever...there was that weird 2nd day when I thought I was ok...then I wasn't. Go figure.
Could Trump be having one of those interim "I feel great" moments while in fact he's sicker than he thinks he is?

So all the Hu Haw over Trump being very seriously ill was never officially verified? It was speculation and wishful thinking on the part of Trumps enemies?

iThink Level 8 Oct 5, 2020

They both tested positive... if they were infected depends on the accuracy of the tests.
You and I will never know how sick he actually was.

When has anything spewing forth from the lunatic left been vetted and verified, especially the MSM?


Seems like the Left is lying again about the President. What a surprise. (Not)


Didn't you make a mask-mocking video a few weeks ago, where you insulted overweight people and told them to "put down the fork"? Perhaps you should devote a video to telling the president to put down the fast-food cheeseburgers and soda cans - after all, he's clinically obese, and that is definitely a risk factor when getting the virus. Driving around in that golf cart doesn't count as exercise.

I don't know where you are getting the "better than ever" narrative. He is released from the hospital, but we haven't been given a date on his last negative test (telling us how long he's been infected and if he is still contagious) or whether he is 100% recovered or confined to the WH or anything.

Isn't it nice, though, that a man who barely pays taxes was able to get the best medical attention America has to offer, all on the taxpayer's dime? And then he gets to put his Secret Service in direct danger by getting in a hermetically sealed car so he can have a little ego boost with his drive-by. Oh, and now technically Trump has a pre-existing condition, which he is trying to remove protection for millions of Americans.

I'm glad he can make the debates now, hope he'll actually follow the rules this time.


He is absolutely correct. The socialist left wants us to be afraid!!!!!

200K dead not scary enough for you?

@maxmaccc if you consider the fact that 99.9% of those deaths are from old people on deaths door then it’s not so scary.

@tenslein Citation needed for your 99.9% and the age group. The people that i know that have had it, five in all, one has died aged mid 40's, the rest hospitalised and recovered none of them over the age of 65.

@maxmaccc I’m referencing this ramzpaul video.

@tenslein. Correct. COVID-19 kills dying people that in any other year would have died from complications of the flu. Notice that flu deaths this year are suddenly at almost a historic low.

Ref: See "Multiple Conditions Increases Risk"

@tenslein The title of the video is "Hoax of the 21st century" which should be a clue. He changed "People of advanced age" to "extremely old people" and did not define an age group specifically. It also said at the start that the CDC stated that 6% of infected died. The 99.9% originated from a Trump tweet that was factually inaccurate where he stated the figures you used, back in July. He also cites Fox news as a source of his information and he claims that hospitals have a financial incentive to register deaths due to covid, forgetting that not all deaths occur in the U.S and a financial incentive does not exist elsewhere.
He states that Covid is not a huge deal. How many deaths would make it a huge deal? 200K deaths in the U.S and counting so far, not enough for a huge deal? He then goes on to claim that an unnamed NHS source in the U.K state that it's all Bo***x. I have two sisters working in the NHS in the U.K and they take this virus seriously. He also dismisses masks as useless when the science says otherwise.
I think the reaction to this virus is disproportionate but it's not helped by misinformation fueled by political motives.
Truth is difficult to discern these days but if Fox news and unnamed sources are cited, then it must be treated with scepticism.

@maxmaccc The states get federal money for every virus death. That is why every that dies has covid on the death cert. On Monday 6 people supposedly died from the virus. Way more people died in traffic accidents then that. WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE!!!! SCAMDEMIC!!!!


Glad to hear he is doing better so he can make the debate next week.

was there any reason to believe Trump would not want to "debate" (lol) unless he was ill or otherwise unable to do so?
It's not like the "debates" (lol) have any real value in the first place - right? I know this - I will NOT be voting for any Democrat/Communist candidates regardless.

>unless he was ill or otherwise unable to do so?

That's the relevant reason...

@TheMiddleWay so did Trump ever indicate unwillingness to debate? that is the heart of my question. I don't believe he ever did.
As POTUS he might well be otherwise unable to attend a meaningless "debate" - no?

This is what I meant by he can "make" the debate: should his health have gone south, he would not have been able to make it.

@TheMiddleWay looked to me like you were implying that Trump was looking for a way to get out of debating.
I couldn't care less about political debates - waste of time. Just increases the volume of the chattering classes for a few weeks or until after election day and has no real effect on anyones voting intentions. And I believe Trump knows this and the ONLY reason he participates is the knowledge of how the "media" will punish severely for failing to play their games.

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