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Sad, but true.

ramzpaul 8 Oct 11
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The cat is probably stuffed.

guru Level 7 Oct 11, 2020

She poured the drink down the drain the next day.

Will she ever even open the book?

AMRX Level 5 Oct 11, 2020

What READ!?
A Book by Kurt Vonnegut?
The rest of the graphic indicates she hasn’t the ability to understand it even if she did try to ...

@Bay0Wulf Exactly.. That's part of the irony that is being eluded to here. There are so many people who post their every thoughts and actions on Facebook, with much of it so ridiculously embellished, that people don't believe them and don't give them the attention or mass approval and validation that they're seeking. When they don't get the attention, they're bitter and feel scorned.


Spiritual vacuum.

Nature abhors a vacuum.


The cartoon above illustrates exactly why I am moving away from Facebook.... I.D.W. is much more substantial, and discussion based......


Fake People living Fake Lives
Trying to Keep Up With ... or Top ... the “Jones”
Who, in turn are Fake People living Fake Lives.

Its Comic Tragedy that People have grown up believing that Sitcoms (like 90120) are a Reality to Aspire To ...

The were 40 year old high schoolers with cars.

I never had a car when I was in high school.

Video won’t run.
I had a couple ... classic cars ... in high school.
I bought them and operated them with my own money.
You could tell they were “classics” because they were OLD and trying to fall apart but I fixed the important stuff ...
In order ... Brakes, Engine, Lights, Holes in the Driver Side Floor, Tires ...
Kids who had nice, freebie cars from their parents laughed at my buckets of bolts but they always got me to my jobs and I ALWAYS had more money than they did.

@Bay0Wulf , the video did not matter.
My hypocritical parents took out massive loans for themselves but used the bible to sabotage every aspect of my life .

I was forbidden from access to many normal childhood tools need for personal growth : forbidden from going outside for any reason , there was no air conditioning inside , friends were forbidden from visiting and I had extremely limited access to the internet.

Eventually they became upset at my inability to find a job during high school and after high school under those restrictive demands.

If it was not for : government assistance, enlistment into the military , my new roommates and my humble willingness to take awful jobs ; then I would have still been homeless by now.

I now work as a security guard and I live in a different town and state away from where my awful parents live. It is more cost effective than living in the slums and commuting to the other side of town.
Congratulations on your success.

Sounds like you had a tough beginning.
The final analysis is that YOU are what You make of yourself.
Keep moving forward. Keep putting one foot in front of the other.
Learn something new every day.
Find happiness and joy in every task ... there’s always something ...

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