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Thoughts on water turning Americans gay?

tenslein 6 Oct 12
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Relax selection since the industrial revolution has undoubtedly created an increase in the number of undesirable mutations especially in Western populations. Have you ever heard a scientist point out this rather obvious fact?

Self censorship didn't start with political correctness it's A feature of every society, everywhere, in every time. That the Gay frog theory has been ridiculed as a right wing "conspiracy theory should come as no surprise. In all likelihood hormone like chemicals in our drinking water are having some effect. What that effect is most likely is poorly described by an adjective such as gay.

Our drinking water contains many estrogen like byproducts of modern chemistry not the most insignificant of these is all the women taking birth control pills pissing them out and flushing them into rivers etc.

That said the link between being more feminine and homosexuality seems to be more cultural than biological. At one time, especially where homosexuality was more socially acceptable, homosexuals were "real" men attracted to "real" men, at least by our standards. I suspect the reason homosexual males seem more feminine today is largely cultural. Since homosexual males in theory have less interest in females and females in our society are privileged in mate selection, emotional self control, non meritocratic social status, avoidance of dirty jobs, gravitate to art and human interaction instead of the hard sciences, so on and so forth, taking on the feminine role has advantages. Lesbians that take on the masculine role have a much harder time getting along in life. Non of which would be true if luxus didn't characterize our culture.

That opens the question of whether the arts and humanities including such fields as medicine are actually more feminine. Again it is likely that culture plays a significant role. At the upper end of the arts males still dominate. How much of this domination is due to the patriarchy is difficult to ascertain. The difference between males and females in the non sexual trait of gregariousness or extroversion may be more causal than sex differences.

wolfhnd Level 8 Oct 13, 2020

Thereโ€™s something a little ironic about a large black male scientist wearing very elaborate and feminine earrings in each ear talking about atrozine turning frogs gay. Just saying.

Andyman Level 8 Oct 12, 2020

Also, his name is Tyrone.

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