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Joe Biden thinks he is running for Senate. And the polls are tightening in the battleground states. Could Trump win again?

ramzpaul 8 Oct 13
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To those voting for Biden.... you have to ask yourselves will this guy last the distance?
to those voting for the Democrats... you have to ask do you want a further move to the Left into socialism?


How can a poll tighten when all of the participants are the same Democrats put on the poll at its commencement?
These polls are rigged by MSM.
They are nothing more than party advertisements, just utter biased and manipulated data to satisfy MSM’s bottom line.

Rick-A Level 8 Oct 13, 2020

I don't think the race is half as close as this kind of post try to make it seem. I'm pretty sure that everyone knows and is fully aware of Bidens dementia. Anyone who recognizes that (everyone) also and therefore knows that the Dems are playing a very unethical game of politics.
So, the question is (or should be) will Trump get his 2nd term or will the masses vote for the unknown person standing behind curtain number 1.
Is the "unknown" candidate preferable to the voting population over 4 more years of the known D Trump. The question is - do the number of probable voters who love Trump outnumber the number of probable voters who hate him.
I think the media is playing along with the DNCs game just to keep everyone tuned in to their daily reporting. I think the media and the politicians know the truth. Trump is in the hearts and minds of the vast majority of voting Americans and will easily win - unless the vote is stolen by hook and crook.

iThink Level 9 Oct 13, 2020

Clinton had a 99% chance to win. Biden has better than 50%.
On a sour note: I have now seen more Biden bumper stickers than I have seen for Yang so things are turning around for Biden, do not take him lightly.


A Repeat of 2016.
Trumps poll numbers are so low it reminds me of the night he won the election.

Rick-A Level 8 Oct 13, 2020

I'm preparing the popcorn from now (figuratively speaking of course) 😁 Another Trump election night and meltdown of leftist fake news media, hopefully! A lot of snowflakes melting and a lot of liberal tears to sip on for days! It'd be glorious! #BWAHAHAHA 😈

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