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Why do well-off liberal white ladies love THE HANDMAID'S TALE so much? Because it provides them a fantasy of something they long for, but can't have: status as an oppressed group.

sqeptiq 6 Oct 13
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I love the Handmaid's Tale. It's my favorite instruction manual.


I watched a few episodes and the one question I kept asking myself was "Why would they make a ridiculous and completely inaccurate representation of Christianity when Islam is sitting RIGHT THERE?!"

Everything that's done to the women in the show is currently being done to women IN EUROPE, IN AMERICA by Muslims.

Why you ask? I believe the simple answer is that Hollywood writers and directors have had an irrational hatred of Christianity and Christians for a very long time. The number of subtle to aggressive anti Christian false stereotypes put forth in movies and series has existed almost since the beginning of the film industry.

@Grandoodle I guess I have a habit of asking myself rhetorical questions haha

@Grandoodle Its the unspoken rule of media ... you can say any crude, blasphemous thing about #Christianity you want; you can get away with some criticism and sport of #Islam; but #Jews are a sacred tribe who are not allowed to be criticized or made fun of under any circumstances.

Imagine the following cartoon segment taking place in a #Mosque or #Synagogue. You'll never see such a display in Western nations due to the unspoken rule.