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Big Tech censors a NY Post story of political corruption involving an elderly American politician and his drug addicted son.

ramzpaul 8 Oct 14
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As in 2016, the average loyal citizen will face a choice: immediate death of America and Americanism, or delay.

In 2016 they/we chose delay, but Trump did not govern as to honor that. He desperately wanted politics as usual when this is an ancient and eternal conflict between Order and Falsehood.

It would be shocking for me and sad if the people did not collectively reject the party of riots, lockdowns, censorship and The Abolition of Man.

This election shouldn't even be close.

The operative word being “shouldn’t”.


Maybe America deserves the Biden scummies. Whoever wins, war with Iran seems likely.

Hoor hoor!


"In the 1830s and 1840s in the U.S. House of Representatives, former president John Quincy Adams led a eight-year struggle against southern-sponsored gag resolutions aimed at denying the presentation or discussion of antislavery petitions."


"efforts were made in both the south and the north to suppress the slavery issue. Many southern states radically regulated the press, preventing dissemination of anti-slavery literature. Since at this time the Bill of Rights was understood to apply only to the federal government, there was no constitutional question about such measures. However, much of the anti-slavery literature in slave states was being introduced by northern abolitionists through the federal postal system. In response, southern states mandated that their post-masters refrain from delivering anti-slavery materials. Many northern states tolerated these measures either out of support for slavery or out of fear of secession. Congress eventually supported the effort to quarantine the South from anti-slavery agitation with the Post Office Act of 1836, which permitted post-masters to respect local censorship laws. Though this was a federal law and therefore was subject to the First Amendment, it was never brought to the Supreme Court."


Powerful financial interests now and then have aligned on the wrong side of history. Trump Derangement Syndrome is little different than the derangement that gripped the Nation when Lincoln was elected. Lincoln was no more of a threat to slavery than Trump is to democracy. A back woods lawyer and a uncouth billionaire have more in common than you may think. The Washington establishment has always been corrupt and is today, outsiders are not welcome. Just as southerners argued that they were the natural masters of the colored man so argue the elitists as it relates to the deplorables. The more things change the more they stay the same.

wolfhnd Level 7 Oct 14, 2020

The NY Post is to conservatives as MSNBC is to liberals.

Is MSNBC being censored?


That Russia conspiracy theory was perhaps worthy of censorship. Anyone with half a functioning brain could see Russian misinformation written all over it.


Is the NYP story false?

I don't know.
But I do know there are a ton of red flags and holes in the stories (as I outlined in a separate post) which added to the NY Posts reputation for lack of veracity in their reporting, gives ample room to suspect it might not be.

@govols That threw a spanner in the grinder!
No coherent answer from the middle way, like talking to Obomber.

I agree.

@Hanno Is the world round? Is Hillary still emailing? Is Biden senile?
Ask CNN?


I don’t know either.
However, you can make the same comments about red flags and holes about the impeachment and other anti-Trump stories in both the WP and the NYT, and ALL the main news channels.
However, how many stories were blocked by Twitter and Facebook written by them?

Correct. And i have.

The difference is that in all those stories, personal information about the people being written about was not being posted
In the case of twitter v. Witch Hunter, it's not the subject matter but the personal information that caused them to moderate it.


That’s right, your tax record is not personal...

Nearest I can tell, no emails, tax ID numbers, addresses, bank account numbers, telephone numbers were released as part of the New York times article period in the case of the New York post, photographs of email and other personal information was published.

Are you familiar with the concept of anonymization, such as is used in the medical profession?

You must be living under a rock then...
Just the first of a long list if you care to google it...

I fear you don't understand what "personal information" means in this context.

I ask again, are you familiar with the concept of anonymization, such as is used in the medical profession?

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