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MSM Prophecy vs. Alt-media

It seems to me that the misleading polls and fake news surrounding the election are an effort to create a prophecy of a Biden victory. They did the same thing with the 2016 election. Remember the Clinton rally chant, "I BELIEVE that she will win!"

My question is, can mass belief change reality? Has it ever changed reality? I think the answer is sometimes yes. We've seen this with state governments being scared into shutting down their economies due to covid. We saw this with Congress being intimidated into invading Iraq and Afganistan.

However, we've also seen prophecy fail like in the 2016 election and the lack of a climate change-inspired carbon tax. Why do some prophecies fail and some succeed? I think the answer historians will come up with is independent, alternative media like Alex Jones. Is it far-fetched to think that we'd be in a war with Syria and Iran right now if the MSM was our only news source?

Am I right on this? Is alt-media the main thing holding the deep state back?

tenslein 6 Oct 31
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I am surprised. In 2002 I was with a group of people and when i said that invading Iraq was wrong, that international inspectors found no WMD, all the conservatives considered me a traitor. It is interesting that today conservatives agree with my thoughts 18 years ago. Political beliefs are altered to the politician's convenience. Political pandering to those who want a quick and easy answer cannot change reality but can get them to agree to push the politician's agenda.

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