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NY is now under stricter restrictions again. Bars, restaurants, and gyms must close by 10 pm and private house parties can’t have more than 10 people. Remember that a week ago, people swarmed times squares in support of the election “results”. Thousands of people, outside, mind you, but very close together and not all wearing masks. This was okay a week ago, no one cared to call these people out, but now what? Like the flip of a switch COVIDrelated restrictions are back again?

My tinfoil hat is begging to be worn, but could it be Cuomo knows that Trump has actually won the election and is punishing NY via a new lockdown ?

Wafflestomper 6 Nov 13
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Honestly, the earliest I ever arrived at a bar was 10 pm, maybe 11 after a shower at the gym, and NYC was legal 'till 4AM , after hours till 11 AM (I worked as a bouncer in my younger days so that was MY party time, oh fugg that, though after hours will not be shut down. They might start earlier but if I know my city, they won't be shut down


I just wanna know how a virus knows what time it is or how many people are present? What does it have against singing or praying?