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Covid19(84): Staying together by keeping apart.

JATW 6 Nov 19
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Ha I'm usually 3-6 months behind the curve and turns out my Covid19(84) snark same. Search on it after Slugging it, top two returns from April & June. Props to the guys thought up first (or even some else whoever did.)

And the thought came to me watching a YT livestream of Davey Crocko's - a ballsy goy, give him a go, not for everybody but who is ..."

JATW Level 6 Nov 20, 2020

Know what I really hated from the start? The slogans. I know propaganda when I hear it.
A lot of them sound good and inspire nice feelings but don't make sense or ring true if you consider them for long.

REN777 Level 6 Nov 20, 2020

Covid19(84)...Consider that term stolen, my friend....yoink


Is it illegal to embrace a no-contact order?

GeeMac Level 8 Nov 20, 2020
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