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Interesting points and I have thought about this at times, too. Such movies are few and far between, at least as far as decent quality, and Post Modernism really has wreaked havoc on the West and its culture in so many ways.

CourseofEmpire 6 Nov 19
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Heard this guy on White Rabbit Radio Dlive's channel. Based to say the least. Voice sounds familiar tho can't place it whatever tho, his take right on the money & very well presented, too.

Kinda surprised YT hasn't vaporized his stuff yet. I'm ready for it regardless b/c I sub to his Bitchute channel. Hey ... free speech USA2020, huh?

JATW Level 6 Nov 20, 2020

Holy Crap, I like this guy, pretty good analysis

Yep, he's quite good at analysis of culture, but also his critique of things like the Enlightenment were pretty interesting, too.


I agree with the analysis, but I think the main reason for the decline of the historical "epic" is more simple.

Technology has "instantized" gratification. If a medium does not release dopamine in the first 5 mins it's "boring" A 600+ page novel isn't going to get read.

Our education system, for the last several generations, has promoted the disdain for any identity beyond the self. A connection to any higher ideal is "wrong" and anything that establishes superiority over an individual is victimizing.

Excellent points

I agree that's a big part of it. Movies in general have to be all flash and bang, accelerated pace, etc .Far less on character development, nuance in the storyline, etc.