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My 10 predictions for 2021! What are yours?

ramzpaul 8 Dec 2
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My 2021 Predictions

(I'm still not going to say who I think won until all the legalities play out, but I'm going with your prediction of a Biden win for my predictions)


  1. MAGA Protest- I predict a massive MAGA protest on or around Bidens inauguration. Perhaps in the form of a Trump led rally, where Trump will announce he's running in 2024.

  2. TRUMP WILL NOT BE JAILED- Biden has stated he will not pardon Trump. I think he should, but I don't think he will. Trump most likely will be dragged into court, but I don't see anything actually sticking.

  3. TRUMP TV- Trump will at the very least will be a regular on OANN, and other right networks, and may even start his own channel.

  4. GOVERNMENT SOCIAL MEDIA WARS- This has been an ongoing battle for years. The Democrats want more censorship and the Republicans want less. At the very least, it will keep ending up booting more conservatives as well as anyone right of WOKE off the big tech sites. Leading to the continued growth of alternative social media.

  5. THE NEVER ENDING ELECTION- There will be a "not my president" type movement in the case of a Biden win. Even without the left advantage of the majority of media and big tech, they will still believe Trump won.

  6. WALK AWAY FROM WOKE- More people will fight against the WOKE formula of "opressed" vs "oppressor". More people within the groups will turn on each other.

  7. REPUBLICANS VS MAGA- Republicans will begin to see some serious strain between the die hard Trump supporters and those who wish to distance themselves from Trump.

  8. COVID, COVID, COVID- Mask mandates, lockdowns, protests, and vaccines most likely will be mandated for numerous jobs and travel.

  9. SAY HIS NAME- Whoopi will say Trumps name after Bidens Inauguration.

  10. THE GREAT RESET- The great money vacuum cleaner of globalization will arrive and will suck... and suck... and suck... I'm envisioning something along the lines of:


Dancing with shades, i mean blades.

Rick-A Level 8 Dec 2, 2020

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Posted by CourseofEmpireWarren is one of the inventors of mRNA and he believes 1 to 2 billion will die from this vaxx. []

Posted by CourseofEmpireThe vast majority are vaxxed. This can’t be the unvaxxed who are mostly dying. Remember, they are a few months ahead of the Northern hemisphere.

Posted by CourseofEmpireAwesome 😂

Posted by CourseofEmpireWeimar (yes, THAT Weimar) will no longer report numbers of vaxxed people being hospitalized for COVID because the truth might be used for "misinformation." -Lovecraft's Cat

Posted by CourseofEmpireAny cause. This is an amazing vaccination, you are almost invincible if you get it, everyone (except a few little side effects and such)! 😂

Posted by CourseofEmpireHow long before a politician is physically attacked and even killed for mandating vaccines? []

Posted by CourseofEmpireNotice how much things increased with this one vaccine?

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