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As Trump’s Presidency draws to a close, what grade would you give him?

ramzpaul 8 Dec 17
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i listened to trump make a speech at the un and it was beautiful. no papers to look at, just all out of his memory. he is a strong man which is what the country needs and yes the world too. some people like a weak leader for their own benefit.


A big fat F. He failed to “trace and track” with all this technology at our fingertips! He was great at getting rich people Ritcher!


Hard thing to do.
Fails in some areas.... Big wins in others...
So it would never be right to grade him at say 5/10 if both sides were even, not all things are equal and not all people look at the same things in the same way with the same importance.


Cringe tweets and ego?.. meh, a C. Fulfilling majority of his promises and putting America's priorities ahead of NWO bullshit despite roadblocks and constant character assassination attempts from all quarters, a solid A.


Why the loaded question? Nobody knows if it is drawing to a close yet. Thats just partisan assertion by a media with a history of gaslighting the public.

Terence Level 1 Dec 17, 2020

Why is it loaded? Because Biden is the President-Elect being inaugurated in January. It isn't the media asserting it, it is the Electoral College which submitted their votes this week. It is a cold hard fact.


He doesn't even get a participation trophy.


AAA+. But Trump is not going anywhere. Take another pulse, as your first one is erroneous.

3 doubt, even in the face of so much hate and lies against him!

dmatic Level 8 Dec 17, 2020

The difference between the YouTube Ramz and the Rumble Ramz is jarring. The YouTube Ramz is an End of History type; on Rumble he is a Lech Walesa.

We graded Trump earlier on, it wasn't very favorable. Yes he did some good things on space and the VA, but on HIS central thesis, Making America Great Again, he failed utterly.

But the problem wasn't Trump, it is America itself. It is beyond saving.

Some, myself included, speak of Trump "Crossing the Rubicon". Not that I think he will, but in order to clarify just what would be needed if one truly believed America could be saved.

Julius Caesar spent his life sparring with truly great men: Pompey, Cato, Cicero. When he was preparing to run for consul again, he was still on campaign in Gaul, actively leading battle-hardened legions. Trump ran casinos, beauty pageants, and game shows before running for office.

Trump thought himself Cyrus the Great, when he was really Julian the Apostate: a man who tried to restore the Old Virtues but was nothing more than a blip in the 1000 year reign of the New Religion.

I concur that Trump 2024 is a non-starter; he had 4 years and did nothing with them, he dose not deserve 4 more (though we do). In any event, what we need to do must be done soon, 2024 may as well be 3024.

The new must fight the new.

PS Trump was the first man to shut down Easter since Julian the Apostate.


An A. He has done a lot for the country, aside from his personal idiosyncracies, in the face of tremendous opposition, and is a true American patriot.

skaarda Level 7 Dec 17, 2020


george Level 7 Dec 17, 2020

An F. He has probably destroyed the GOP's chances in the next presidential election. If they have to drag him out of the Oval Office in handcuffs on January 20, make that two presidential elections.

That will probably give you Kamala Harris in 2024, and the rating scale does not go low enough to rate her. Biden is bad enough.

Colpy Level 7 Dec 17, 2020

Are you accepting the msm narrative? Maybe he is just starting.

I think he is accepting MSM narrative too bad

@Saoirse1958 yeah, seems like it.


A- 1) Strong Economy 2) No new Wars 3) Middle East Peace Deals 4) Sanctions on Iran 5) good SCOTUS picks 6) Exposed fake news media 7) Good environmental record 8) Decreased human trafficking over the southern border And he did all this despite obstruction from media and DNC (but I repeat myself). His only real problem was some messaging that missed the mark which all campaigns and presidents have and he didn’t do much to reign-in government spending.

RitBorg Level 7 Dec 17, 2020

Based on the marbling and maturity: Canner.


Top marks. He is the right guy for Orwellian times, and eventually will be vindicated by the courts as the president-Elect for his second term.

I sure hope you are right about the second term. That is what I am praying for, but we will know soon enough.

@KeithThroop let s not focus on the storm. It's just a distraction

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