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MAGA meets the Satanic Panic of the 1980s.

ramzpaul 8 Jan 5
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I don't know how far this goes, but I knew people in the diplomatic corps and yes they do get set up in perverted situations.


Holy crap, hell must have frozen over, because for once I am in full agreement with Paul. I've been dismissing this new Satanic Panic nonsense ever since "Pizzagate" and the QAnon lunacy.

One clarification, though, the original Satanic Panic definitely did not end after the McMartin trials. First, McMartin lasted 7 years, going from initial accusations in 1983 to the end of the trials in 1990 (with all charges dropped), so it wasn't as if it was a brief misunderstanding. Even so, we still saw accusations of Satanism and related moral panics years after, including after the Columbine massacre in 1999. It was wide-spread across the US, with phony "experts" like Lawrence Pazder perpetuating recovered memory therapy and holding seminars to teach police how to determine when SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) was involved - including predatory interview tactics with impressionable children. There were plenty of continued accusations for years.

The D&D example you brought up relates to Patricia Pulling, who founded "Bothered About Dungeons & Dragons" in 1983 after he son killed himself a year prior.


Haven't you heard of distraction as an effective weapon in warfare? Make noise to his right as you strike his left?

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Posted by RLeeBarkerThey're banning Dr. Seuss books and pulling them from shelves. And these people have the nerve to call others "Nazis."

Posted by CourseofEmpireActual material that's being taught in New York public schools right now. In the end, if you're white, you're vermin, a pestilence, nothing but pure evil. A tsunami of antiwhite hatred is coming.

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Posted by CourseofEmpireYep, they’re coming for everyone on the right, even moderate Normie types, as well as so-called centrists who are against much of the Progressive agenda.

Posted by sqeptiqLooks like someone cucked and deleted this post, but it was a spicy one!

Posted by vonLeibnizI'm just saying hi after having signed up here. I heard Ramz mentioning this place on Youtube. So, hi from Sweden! I'll include a a picture of me and our cat.

Posted by RLeeBarkerWe have each others' back.

Posted by sqeptiq"Want a balloon, li'l buddy? How about some cotton candy? Let me give you your boat back! It's floating down here. We all float down here!"

Posted by CourseofEmpireIt’s funny that Democrats are openly advocating censorship and re-education camps, both things they said Trump/Pence would do after the 2016 elections, neither of which actually happened...

Posted by jdrerbHappy Holiday

Posted by AfterthoughtNRA moves from NY to Texas another step toward Partition

Posted by jdrerbFinally, the confederate battle flag flies in Washington!

Posted by AfterthoughtRecord decline in US Cancer Deaths in 2020 thanks to LUNG CANCER! Need I say more? []

Posted by RLeeBarkerSenate Could Have Votes To Impeach, McConnell “Pleased” About The Idea | ZeroHedge

Posted by RLeeBarkerSenate Could Have Votes To Impeach, McConnell “Pleased” About The Idea | ZeroHedge

Posted by AfterthoughtBiden affirms our strategy of destroying the GOP. The Enemy needs the second party to maintain the illusion of choice. We will be taking that illusion away.

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