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Here in DC holding the line, but watching the line collapse in Georgia.

Many MAGA types again crying foul, and no doubt there is cheating occuring.

But they miss the big picture: America is dead.

The demographic changes already built in doom America. If it wasnt going to be 2020 it will be 2024 or 2028.

There is a reason the Founders only allowed propertied white males to vote. A republic, but we couldn't keep it.

My goals for later today are to witness the death of the Old Religion, seek those who can think rationally about the future, and then go home.

Rational thoughts about the future

  1. a dual GOP primary + third party general strategy: run one of our own in the GOP primary, if they lose we have a candidate in our own party waiting to nuke them in the fall

we can remove 15% of the GOP base overnight and kill the republican party outright in 2022 and in 2024 make it a de facto referendum on Partition.

Thankfully we still have the advantage in fighting age males, and can win the old fashioned way if well prepared. MAGA and the Alt Right 4 years was not good preparation. Perhaps now we can prepare properly.

  1. prepare to emigrate, America and South Africa's fate should send chills through the nerves of white countries world wide, to include the jewish billionaires. Perhaps Russia can buy us time until space becomes technologically viable.

  2. we are witnessing the triumph of the New Religion. The Old Religion: Trusting the plan: AKA do nothing and let God do everything, has been an utter failure.

Only the new can fight the new.

Afterthought 7 Jan 6
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It is really amazing to live in a time when so much is changing, to witness the systematic dismantling of a Western Empire. The fall is exponential and in so many ways: morally, culturally, financially, and anti-Christian. It is something to witness and it has only began.

jdrerb Level 6 Jan 6, 2021

It should be noted , waiting on God isn’t doing nothing ,, it’s more like serving , like a waiter or waitress would a table ,, but anyways , peace man!

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