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We who picked sides in this, especially those of us in America who voted for Donald Trump have taken our position and we cannot run from it. Now that people are bailing on him like passengers fleeing a sinking ship, we must decide whether we still admit who we voted for or supported or whether we will hide, self censor and deny the positions we took. And I'll promise you one thing. Nobody that ever voted for George W Bush is having to hide the fact they did. In spite of the fact that Bush lied us into a war that destroyed a country, destabilized an entire region, unleashed sectarian violence, caused the deaths of a half million people and the displacement of millions, over five thousand combat casualties and people ruined for life. Started an illegal surveillance program to spy on the American people. Started a torture program. Oversaw a drone program that since has killed tens of thousands of mostly innocent people. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, flew over a drowned New Orleans while playing a guitar and singing. And there are people that have whitewashed Bush and every terrible, destructive, monstrously retarded thing Bush did because 'Orange Man Bad.' Trump was his own worst enemy, was loud, rude, and obnoxious. His handling of the immigration situation at the border left much to be desired. The people he surrounded himself with were incompetent at best, or acted against his own wishes at worst. Which shows his judgment in selecting people to staff his administration to carry out his agenda was very bad. There's a lot I could say about the man, the president, and the last four years. But, don't ever try to make people like Bush look better by contrasting them with Trump. It absolves them of crimes that Bush and those like him have not answered for. So, whenever people who have selective memory or are just plain dishonest try to say this is 'the worst president ever' remind them of George W Bush. And don't ever allow them to forget. The Bush presidency was of great consequence. It defined the 2000s, a decade that I came of age in and remember well. Those years changed this country in profound ways. And not for the better. It represents a lost decade for this country. There are people fighting in Afghanistan that were infants on 9/11. Trump is a blip on the radar.

RLeeBarker 5 Jan 8
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