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White Men need not apply. Biden / Harris release their small business relief plan.

ramzpaul 8 Jan 12
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I find it absurd and disingenuous that the white political/elite class is leading the vanguard against so-called white priviledge.

dd54 Level 8 Jan 12, 2021

you biden harris


The new racism raises it’s ugly head!


This will open the door for "White Men Societies" forming to provide services and protections. If this anti-white male insanity is allowed to carry on, it will force European males to form their own groups, discussions, and even listings of job openings and opportunities.

White males are not going to sit down and be sold into white slavery existence!

And can't forget #CrazyNancy's rabid statement that those who attended the Trump peaceful protest at the Capitol put their #whiteness above democracy. This woman is insane!! She has no more marbles to lose!!
Pity her plastic surgeon cannot fix her brain & character!!

thanks KHAZARS - and just to think white gentiles fought against Germany during WW2 - those khazar puppets need to rot in hell!

If you still vote, youre an idiot and part of the problem.


Well, to be fair, BLM did burn down mostly black owned business'

Tarpon Level 7 Jan 12, 2021

Burning down any businesses appears to be the BLM ideology - they're anti-capitalism.
However remember one BLM lunatic who "informed" everyone looting Gucci & other businesses is a penalty for having built businesses & the economy - these "perpetual victims" have nothing else to contribute

@w0tn0t You are preaching to the choir.


I know, just added more to the post 🙂


In the early 90s, I stopped in the Portland, Oregon SBA office to ask about a loan and was told I was wasting my time, unless I was legally blind, because of my color.

Sounds like Portland hasn't changed in 30 years.

@coalburned Neither has the SBA, unfortunately.


That's been the Democrat's HR model for around 30 years. ☹


Just settin' up the next round of infighting... Identical to Mao.


I view this the same as mexico's no foreign ownership of beachside resorts. with the correct contracts in place nothing changes...

day500 Level 4 Jan 12, 2021

How many white men will suddenly discover Hispanic heritage or pull a Caitlin Jenner?

sqeptiq Level 7 Jan 12, 2021

damned few - that's the kind of thing folks of the "victim/protected classes" like to do

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