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China is not censoring your speech or burning your books. China is not our problem.

ramzpaul 8 Mar 4
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Sorry Sir, we can have more than one problem. Our internal issues will usually swing one direction then the other always looking for a balance. The atrocities China does to their own citizens I can just imagine what they might do to obstacles to more power. Not affecting you may be true now but some read the future better than others. I don't think anyone is talking a preempted strike. But maybe we should be careful how much we rely on China. They have stolen intellectual property on many occasions. These are just my opinions. I wish you all the best. Be safe.

BGING Level 6 Mar 4, 2021

Pure sophistry. China is the problem and so are apologists like you. Better learn to speak mandarin.


I love China. Beautiful food. Lovely people


There is a real problem with the not in my backyard mentality. Problems don't go away because they are out of sight.

A discussion about priorities may be more useful than such an absolute declaration.


The problem with western countries is not with places like China, Syria or even Iran. The issues are at home. They also happen at the same time in all western countries. We allow it to happen. We need to change this.

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