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Prince Harry and the inversion of sexual roles.

ramzpaul 8 Mar 9
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It depends on what your definition of "equality" is.
Equal in value? Or talents? Or merits? Or authority?
And it's worth noting that "equal" does not mean "the same." By trying to be the same as men, women have also abdicated their own gifts as nurturers and healers.

REN777 Level 7 Mar 9, 2021

All hail the Simp Prince.


Harry needs to man up and cut her off from the controlling behavior. He is a wimp. Ahe is a gas lighter. You can see he is not happy. And who would be with that weighing him down? She goes on about race as if she has some sort of real dark skin. I nearly spat out my coffee when she first called herself a person of color. She is far more white than black. She is a twat.

Meghan needs to give up her title as Queen of Drama.


Diversity is our stank.


Megan Markle is a gold digger. Harry leaving the Royal family was all her engineering. She is a dog.


"Right-wing... we don't believe in equality... equality is evil... we believe in the rightful hierarchy... God told Eve 'your desire will be for your husband and he will rule over you' so that's the hierarchy... if you don't even believe in the Bible that's fine but it's sort of the natural order of things this is how a society should function."

Wow. There it is. "True" Conservatives and right-wingers don't believe in equality.

I am right wing and believe in the Biblical way, but your idea of equality is not the actualy way that true equality happens. In Biblical "hierachy" for want of a much better word, we believe that the womans place and role in life as equally as important as a mans. It may be different, but woman are different in so many ways to men so their role by nature will be different. But the woman ina biblical marriage has the center stage. The man must love her with all his heart. To use equality as an arguamnet is poor. I know not one Christian marriage in my church - which is a serious reformed church - there is not one marriage where they are unequal. They simply play different roles and are both more than happy to be that way.

@dagodfrey27127 well that isn't what Paul is saying here.


You just sound really weird, all the MRA goons are doing the same stuff.

Freedom-loving American Conservatives calling Democracy and equality "evil" and defending the Monarchy. What a time to be alive.

@JacksonNought They just love power.

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