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Which institution has become the Most Woke and thus fallen apart the most or fastest? This could be fallen fastest from where it was 20 years ago, or the most insane in terms of Wokeness? Comment below why.

Institution fallen the fastest?

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Robert100 7 Mar 18
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Churches a long shot. Take a look at this "ally" []


Military contrast is a government , it was doomed from the start to be corrupted the (((sycophants))) in power.

Churches in contrast, government has mostly stayed out of for now. The millitary was killed whereas the churches committed suicide.


I picked Military. They seem to have gotten the most woke the quickest. Churches, even supposedly conservatives ones, have cucked quite a bit too. I used to go to a Church of Christ until the pastor started complaining about white privilege. They also complain about how Sunday morning is the most segregated time in America. As if that's a bad thing.

kwg2005 Level 4 Mar 21, 2021

The idea that the state-sponsored military is rightwing is a misconception. Yes, the military appeals to rightwing men but all higher leadership positions have to pass through military academy and promotions will be vetted. So it has a base of rightwing guys led by system-approved and often progressive generals/admirals. The US military has always been on the forefront of social-engineering projects like racial integration, etc. The military has been deployed for leftwing causes but never rightwing causes. There also has never been an attempt for a rightwing coup from the military in the U.S.. The idea that the army is on your side is wishful thinking - its members are paid by Congress and its leader thank their positions thanks to loyalty to the government.

RuBr Level 2 Mar 19, 2021

First Education (academia in higher education first and now in elemantary through HS) is saturated with critical theory, intersectionality and PC cultural marxist gurus and their acolytes spewing about micro-aggression , oppression and whiteness. 2nd is the media. When obama removed the Smith-Mundt prohibition on propaganda use on Americans in 2013, media corporate owners were ready to message the marxist dis/misinformation propganda to the people. Remember the CIA has its fingerprints all over media/big-tech and if you leave the FBI you can become a
consulting talking head and continue to lie to
Americans. Many Hollywood moguls were and are communists. Alot of the upper-command in the military is selling out to marxism and now sniffing the ranks for those in service that support the Constitution and labeling them extremists. Good LEOs are leaving the force and being replaced by neoracists. Some churches support cultural marxism but they're not Christian period. Politically correct neoracist cultural marxism is the plague that concerns me far more than covid-19.

dd54 Level 8 Mar 18, 2021

Hard to say ,media ,hollywood .....have been woke for years .....(woke = fked) .......i'm not an atheist ......but it seems rev jim jones 🍸 ...............and robert tilton and old ladies rolling on the floor and speaking in tongues was weird but not media have always been lying scum (except fox).....what about women .... they like to follow the latest fashion and thought herd ...... so not them .....if the military became woke , it came from a command upstairs......hard to say

atlook Level 5 Mar 18, 2021
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