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The Duty To Die.

ramzpaul 8 Mar 31
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I think there's room for both.

I agree - in principle - with the idea of there is a time for all seasons, and hope that when it's my time that, I will have the courage to face it with grace and aplomb. I witnessed firsthand the suffering my wife endured while struggling to live, in spite of incredible pain, because she could not bring herself to make peace with what was happening to her. Simply put, she was terrified of dying.

But I do think there is something to be said for trying to stave off the inevitable if there is still important work to be done, whether that work is to finish writing a book, or getting your estate in order, or making amends with those you hurt in the past, or living long enough to be there for a major milestone of your children. Obviously, it depends greatly on how fast one is deteriorating and whether they have the strength to complete their task, but I do think people have a right to at least choose to try to finish what they started.

This does not mean I'm for lingering on, because I absolutely agree there is no dignity in that.


So glad you're back. You're like Jordan Peterson but with more grounded opinions and less Disney allegories. I appreciate the insight you bring.
Btw, I would never assume you were talking about anything contrary to the WHO. Or the interests of our very bestest ally in the middle east.

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