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Outsourcing Cruelty.

ramzpaul 8 Apr 6
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law suit time for woke bitches



When a 49-year-old woman recently boarded an American Airlines flight wearing a shirt that read “Hail Satan,” she never imagined she would encounter any obstacles – she had worn the shirt on a plane many times before without incident. But on this particular flight in October, she was given a harsh ultimatum: Either change out of the shirt or get off the plane.

Did you post about this and complain about cruelty and tyranny?


Give a Negress even a wee bit of power and you can expect these instances to regularly occur. Except when the Negress is dealing with fellow Negroes and THEN the rules are consistently bent. Open your eyes and observe reality to ascertain the veracity of my statement.

Obbop Level 6 Apr 6, 2021

Wow. Just wow.


The airline is a private company. They pretty much can make rules as they see fit. If a baker can refuse to bake a cake for a gay couple, an airline can toss people for not following their rules. Get over it.

TyKC Level 7 Apr 6, 2021
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