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List of small businesses that seem to support our people. Only problem is the products are somewhat redundant.


  1. Alaska Chaga Tea

  2. Laura Towlers Tea from the UK Grandma Towlers Teas


  1. Mighty White Soap Company

  2. Havamal Soap Works


  1. FrenTown Coffee Roasters.

These are the only ones I can think of. Culture War Criminal mentioned the Coffee one on the Killstream last night. Not sure if anyone else knows or can name any others. The idea is if you buy from these places you are recycling money in our own community to help support us. I just hope 1 of these is something everyone likes but other products like toys, or lumber, or clothes would be nice. On the periphery I think [] also supports our people to some extent.

Robert100 7 Apr 13
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There should be a master list on a site with a URL like ''. Vendors can submit their sites there for consideration.

(I feel weird writing "our" in the URL as I am not one of you, but I do consider myself an ally of your people, and I am 100% dissident.)

I think the overlap may be somewhat inevitable as the dissident movement doesn't have the capital to start a wider range of businesses.

AMRX Level 5 Apr 24, 2021

A guy named Culture War Criminal who appears on Ethan Ralphs show the Killstream mentioned wanting to start a site called Ebased or something where he does exactly what you just mentioned. For now Mike Lindell has done this with conservative businesses. []


There was other gaming or streaming app. This one.

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