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Can other ethnic groups become Asian?

ramzpaul 8 May 25
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Hello. Can we just forget about a "which race is better than which race" type of generalisation? Or is it too much to ask? There are very intelligent black people and there are thick Asians, and so on. A meritocratic approach helps me stay away from a race-oriented way of thinking when I interact with other people.

Naomi Level 8 May 26, 2021

nope, whod want to betray their heritage


Adopt me!!!


When the teacher was, at any minute about to slap your hand with her ruler, students learned to value the concept of a good education right away.
But nowadays there is Ritalin that they give to all the kids to make them stay focused.


Nowadays, how about simply identifying as Asian?
Or, remember all the hoorah when Fauxcohantus (SP?) took DJTrump's dare to get a DNA test to "prove" that she was Amerind? Hah. A clear loss, almost anyone is more than she was.
So, claim to have gotten a DNA test and if it came back >0% some kinda Asian, you are IN! And, Amerind counts.


Racism exists


Community Building and working together in small groups to get over this very difficult situation in the short run might work but we all know that no matter how well placed we are in our small communities that the left will eventually do what they always do and insist on interfering. This is why we are where we are, the left never stop pushing, they always want more they nibble away at our freedoms until we push back and then they back off regroup and come at us from a new angle. Sadly this works so well we arrive at a situation where they can literally steal an election and get away with it and the entire establishment goes along with the pretense. Hell they even write huge articles in magazines slapping themselves on the back for a job well done "Fortifying Democracy" I fear we are in a very deep hole and digging ourselves out is not going to be easy. Sorry for the black pill but that's how I see it.

ellism Level 5 May 25, 2021

I agree with this. It always seems to bring everything back to the individual. Self reflection, self critique, self appraisal... I can only change myself. And the only community worth involving one's self in is with likeminded people who are actively and persistently practicing this. Finding such people can be very difficult.


I would disagree here. A group that exceeds in a dysfunctional education system is no measure of high intelligence. To observe a biblical quote: "Fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction." The education system focuses solely on the mundane, and largely ignores any study outside the mundane.
Another example, in reference to mental health; "It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a maladjusted society."

H0bo Level 6 May 25, 2021

I'd rather recommend Asians (along with whites) become Hispanic or Indian (teepee Indians, not curry Indians) when applying to college and for jobs. Really dark South Asians can become black, too.

sqeptiq Level 9 May 25, 2021
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