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Translating Joe's speech into English.

ramzpaul 8 June 15
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It is sad but true... he could perhaps be able just to read a speech... but he may also lose his place on the page... dementia and old age throw up many problems when they take hold of you.


Joe senile Biden seems to be the same sort of puppet Boris drunk Yeltsin was in Russia.

Tom81 Level 7 June 16, 2021

Boris Johnson of the UK gave Biden a bike but he forgot to give him the training wheels.


Whether or not joe is demented or his supporters prefer to say he just has a speech but is mentally intact he is not fit to be in office because he is unable to effectively communicate even when given a script to read. Unfortunately if he is removed from office by the dems via the 25th amendment (the Repubs will let this ride until they do) or he is forced to resign kameltoe becomes President and they will put another willing sock-puppet into the VP slot. How soon before they do this this no one knows but there is a whole lot of back-channeling with other nation's leaders going on to prop joe up.

dd54 Level 8 June 15, 2021

His shepherds should never have let him out of his cage to be presented on the world stage. Even in Switzerland-we have extremely moderate media, especially to left heads of state- the media are either questioning his mental acuity to asking if he'd suffered a stroke to simply ridiculing (only 1 paper) him and the US people who^ve voted for him...

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