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What is the deal with CRT 'critics' who deny it's anti-White? Are they just trying to be clever by denying the obvious? Hoping they will somehow win over non-Whites to the anti-CRT cause?

(Examples below found by Mr. Ramsey.)



AMRX 5 June 17
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ignore the communist racist "black vs white" illusion. black and white arent even colors... the secret of the "4 sacred colors" white black yellow red is they are representative of shades of the 2 tones of our tribes. white - black = tones of white, yellow - red = tones of gold. of course temptation is gonna have yall targeting "white" toned tribes because 1. egyptians were light toned 2 aramaic tribes of Judah are "white" toned. 3. and in the midst of the chaos they created the light toned and black toned egyptian lives matter "more than believers lives" toned egyptian "jew"ish" nazπŸ‘ 4th reich hitler sereal killer wannabes have YOU "believers" ... chris T ains killing WE of Judah who were lost and hidden... see the aramaic (light toned tribes of Judah) Cherokee, and the dark toned hebrew tribes (chosen hebrew tribes) Hopi are/were(?) israelites are the bloodlines of our ancestors. im seekin 1. were there dark "black" aramiac tribes of Judah (Cherokee)... because majority of "black" dark toned facial structures resemble Cherokee, not african. plus in egyptian depictions it seems the egyptians enslaved african tribes after running aramaic Cherokee and hebrew Hopi out of egypt. according to facial structures on the depictions with 3 different facial structures presented in the depictions.... now this might predate the words Cherokee/Hopi. 2. it seems alot of "immigrants" were a "gentile" (roman slave to the egyptian "jew"ish" nazπŸ‘ using "religious" corruption... ie "catholic" controlled by "vatican" (egypt) and Jehovahs witness controlled by masonic "gov body". JWs worship in accordance to the bible... but are manipulated to believe meekness is slavery and they have to study bible 24/7 to attain annointing... "YOU will not find salvation in the words of these scriptures." bible, (war chief/chief) Jesus. and prolly the blasphemy bs that WE don't have free will.

Male vs female is also a communist illusion.


Trying to remain respectable in the faculty lounge or other liberal milieus?

sqeptiq Level 9 June 17, 2021

if this is just a clique for whiny mortal flesh avatar worshipers i'll leave?

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