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Why are gatekeepers lecturing us that we shouldn't call CRT anti-White?

ramzpaul 8 June 22
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I saw this girls video being covered by No Chance, a Scottish You Tuber and I really found it hard to believe that some-one attending university could be quite that stupid. Critical Race Theory is nothing if not anti white. I've said it before but it's worth repeating. What the American Left is up to right now smells distinctly Maoist to me. It's really Scary. Just as an aside if you are interested in the State of Scotland just now you could do an awful lot worse than check out No Chance on You Tube.

ellism Level 6 June 22, 2021

Please provide examples of CRT curriculum and how it relates to Marxism in any way.

@JacksonNought I actually said the American left is Maoist. CRT is just insanity so to compare it to anything is impossible.

@ellism ok, my mistake. Please provide examples of CRT curriculum and how it relates to Maoism.

@JacksonNought I never said CRT was Maoist . Please re-read my initial post. I'm sorry if it isn't clear but I said the American left is Maoist and if you don't believe me watch Paul Joseph Watsons Video named Ritual Public Shaming 4 Sept 2020.

My point was to say CRT isn't Anti White is garbage.

It takes a veteran of white power politics like the original poster to reveal the anti-CRT moral panic for what it is.

@WilyRickWiles And your little logo there, comrade, reveals all we need to know about CRT supporters and the type of trash ideology that it is.

@Tom81 Always triggered by the avatar.

@WilyRickWiles how am I 'triggered' by pointing something out? Or are you the one getting 'triggered' by me pointing it out?🤔
If someone here used a Nazi swastika flag, would you not point it out and assume what their beliefs are and that they're human garbage?

@Tom81 Because you interrupt and change the subject to bring it up in every conversation.

@WilyRickWiles 😂 you bought up 'white power politics', but I can't bring up your communist beliefs when the post is about CRT - a communist belief system...🤔
Feeling a bit fragile?

@Tom81 My comment was relevant. Yours not.

@WilyRickWiles and like your belief system (CRT included), your comment has no merit and doesn't take anything into account that doesn't suit your narrative.

Anyone who had the slightest understanding of 20th century politics would never choose the Hammer & Sickle for there avatar..

@ellism, @Tom81 OK, I finally changed it. Are you happy? It's a brave protester against CRT.

@WilyRickWiles well it's easier on the eye then the symbol of hate you used previously...
Am I happy? Generally yes (not that your avatar has anything to do with it), that's why I don't prescribe to marxist ideology - an ideology of jealousy and envy, hate and self loathing, division and destruction.


CRT-Certainly Rubbish Theory


CRT = Commie Racist Trash.

Tom81 Level 7 June 22, 2021

It is designed to be anti-white so as to pander to all the "oppressed " minorities. And, since much of the power structure in the US is filled by non-minorities, then to use it to attack primarily whites harkens back to the 60'-70's when hippy trash were going on about "fighting the man" . It has absolutely nothing to do with balance or decreasing racism. It is a weapon designed to destroy the US.

@Tom81 @bobbo666 define CRT.

@JacksonNought 😂 your latest little ploy, define this and that and then claim we don't understand. GFY! - I have before, and I just did.

@Tom81 "Commie Racist Trash" is not an actual definition of CRT. So clearly you don't know what it actually is, you're just parroting talking points.

@JacksonNought I've said what it was in previous posts, so I'm not going to keep repeating myself for your latest childish leftist game of asking for definitions of everything and then claiming that people are wrong.
It's clear what this is, no matter how you try to spin it.

@Tom81 except CRT is an actual legal scholarship created and developed, with an actual definition and foundation. Random talking heads crying about white discrimination has nothing to do with actual CRT.


But if you want to keep this outlook, to then like I said earlier, I guess I can say Christianity is pro-pedophilia, and anyone who denies it is wrong and just trying to spin.

@JacksonNought there's nothing legal or scholarly about it - just communist trash, no matter how you spin it. As for talking heads - do you mean the people who have lived through this ideology and have first hand knowledge and experience (albeit in a slightly different form)? So we should only listen to the leftists 'talking heads' who have no experience and ignore the history of the ideology they support? 🤔... 🙄

As for Christianity being pro-pedo - every religion has been guilty of child abuse, cults more so (looking at you, satanists). Plenty of instances within Antifa and BLM too. And one of the left's hero's (Vaush), defends child porn...

@Tom81 CRT is quite literally a field of study trying to understand the history of racially motivated laws, such as the Grandfather Clause. It is taught in grad school to legal students, not in grade school. Anything telling White kids to apologize is literally not CRT - not to mention nothing like that is actually being taught. How exactly is it Communist? Do you even know what Communism is? You have enough of a hard time making some sort of case with the whole "anti-White" thing, but I have yet to hear any actual explanation as to how it is Communist or Marxist or anything. Again, you have no idea what you are actually talking about and just parroting your Right-Wing talking points. And again, it's an actual legal theory created with a specific definition and purpose, so you are the one spinning it to fit the fear mongering narrative you want to give it.

Satanism actually has tenets in its doctrines against child abuse. Christianity doesn't, and in fact the Bible condones it. The Right's hero Trump is a pedo.

So Christianity is fascists pedophile propaganda, and we should have the same amount of outrage and legal pushback on it that we do with CRT.

@JacksonNought 😂 CRT is not communist, eh? It was just created by a group of Marxists in the marxist Frankfurt School...but it's not Marxist?... even though people who have lived in communist countries have stated that it's the same communist ideology that they had to endure...🤔 Oh, but I'm sure everyone else is wrong, and you're right 🙄

Oh, and I'm right wing because I'm against communism? So your definition of right wing is just anyone who isn't extreme left.

"Satanism actually has tenets in its doctrines against child abuse."... 😂 No, satanism is a pathetic, cringey cult based on hedonism (so much more likely to be filled with pedos) and mocking Christianity. Satanism exists as a reaction to another religion, how very lame.

@Tom81 actually CRT was not created in the Frankfurt School - you are thinking of Critical Theory, which it can be seen as being inspired by, in that CLS was inspired by it, and CLS was a precursor to CRT. You seem to think anything to the left of Right-Wing extremism is Communism and Marxism... you also don't seem to realize that Marxism and Communism aren't the same thing.

"Under no pretext should arms and ammunition be surrendered; any attempt to disarm the workers must be frustrated, by force if necessary." - Karl Marx. So I guess the Second Amendment and the NRA are Marxist, eh? Maybe you should be all about gun control now.

Capitalism originated out of feudalism and monarchy - so I guess you like monarchy and caste systems?

Democracy originated out of Ancient Greece, which was an extremely hedonistic society with polytheism. So I guess you either hate Democracy or love hedonism?

You can think Satanism is pathetic and cringey, but it doesn't change the fact that the tenets are specifically against child abuse, while the Ten Commandments and Bible say nothing of the sort, and the Catholic Church specifically protects pedos. So actually Christianity is much much much more likely to be filled with pedos, like Matt Gaetz and Roy Moore.

Christianity exists to mock Judaism. Jesus came along and committed the ultimate sin of blasphemy by pretending to be the messiah and equal to their god. He conned people into sinning against Judaism. And then they adopted an entire religion using the name of the ultimate blasphemer, specifically to mock Judaism. Christianity exists as a reaction to another religion, how very lame.

Oh, and Satan is Hebrew for "adversary" - so if anything, Satanism mocks Judaism. Stop thinking everything revolves around Christianity with your martyr complex.

@JacksonNought martyr complex? Did you get a bit triggered there because I offended your belief systems.
Why don't we play your game then.
Define right wing.
Define CLS.
Define Capitalism.
Define Satanism.
Define Christianity.

I'm neither right wing or religious, btw - as I've stated many times to you, over and over again. But unless you read it on twitter or its leftist propaganda, it just won't stick will it.

Your posts are full of lies and bullshit, baseless assumptions, false accusations, fallacies and false equivalencies and straight up propaganda.

@Tom81 maybe you are finally understanding. You claim CRT is "just communist trash, no matter how you spin it" yet you refuse to define it. And if you did, your definition (I am sure would involve "anti-White" somewhere) would not match the same definition of many others, especially of those in favor of CRT. Just like my definition of Christianity does not apply to many others.

This started with your characterization of CRT, so go ahead and define it for me.

Right Wing applies to politics. Specifically US Right Wing, it refers to Conservative ideology that is generally disposed to preserving existing conditions and institutions, or restoring "traditional" ones and limiting change - a lot of the time sticking with this ideology even at the detriment to civil rights They thing Constitutional freedoms are of the utmost importance, but then sometimes think it is fine to vote on someone else's freedoms (like marriage equality). It is typically Nationalist and opposes most forms of government interference - though often times this is ignored when Right-Wingers want the government to get involved in people's bedrooms or police their bodies. It is also commonly tied with Christianity or other Conservative religious identity, espousing the idea that the US is a Christian nation that should be governed by more Biblical principles despite religious freedom.

CLS is a school of critical theory from the 1970s which posits that laws are used to maintain the status quo of society's power structures - theories such as the US is a plutocracy where the wealthy elite influence laws to keep themselves in power. It also theorizes that the law reflects society's biases against marginalized groups. It aims to analyze possible preferential outcomes of supposedly impartial and rigid legal doctrines, publicize historical, social, economic and psychological results of legal decisions, and to demystify legal analysis and legal culture in order to impose transparency on legal processes so that they earn the general support of socially responsible citizens.

Capitalism is a socio-economic system based on the abstraction of resources into the form of privately-owned money, wealth, and goods, with economic decisions made largely through the operation of a market unregulated by the state. It typically, especially in the US, prioritizes profits over people and over safety. The US has evolved into a form of authoritarian capitalism, allowing the influence of special interest groups, including corporate lobbyists, on politics.

Satanism can apply to any religion using Satan as a figurehead. This could apply to theistic Satanism, in which a literal Satan is worshipped. Theistic Satanism could be edgy Christians trying to worship "evil" to rebel, or it could be people who see Satan as the protagonist of the Bible / whatever scripture they use. However, the majority of Satanism is non-theistic, with The Church Of Satan and The Satanic Temple being the two main factions. Non-theistic Satanism does not believe in any gods and does not believe in a literal Satan, it uses the fictional literary depiction of Satan as the ultimate rebel against arbitrary oppressive authority and the original freedom fighter. It practices personal freedom and bodily autonomy, as well as altruism and religious pluralism - with no favoritism or preferential treatment.

Christianity is any religion that worships Jesus as the path to salvation. There are many sects which set different rules and practices which can vary wildly. There are Biblical literalists and Biblical allegorists. There are Catholics and Baptists and Mormons and Moonies and Pentecostals.

@JacksonNought as I've said before, CRT is just the same as all the previous Marxist class war ideologies that came before it (whether it be Russia or China), but it uses race instead of class. Not anti-white? Just like Marxists blamed the wealth for all the problems in society, CRT puts the blame squarely on white people. CRT holds all white people as Kulaks and labels all whites as oppressors in the usual oppressor vs oppressed BS politics. We all know what the Soviets did to the Kulaks. CRT is creating, spreading and promoting racism, and goes against the grain of civil rights. Not that communists have ever cared about civil rights, infact have crushed as many as possible.


CRT is not anti-white...
...anymore than Defund the Police is anti-police
...anymore than Cancel Culture is anti-conservatives.

Why debate an issue in all it's complexity if you can strawman it into something simpler and easier for your supporters to attack?

ROtflmao sorry but that was funny

Life should be funny if you are doing it right. 😀

@TheMiddleWay well I must be doing it right because you sure are funny

I aim to please, m'lord.


CRT is pro power and tyranny, not anti white.


the CRT is anti white is because if they can undermine the predominantly white USA all other other countries will be made to conform to the globalist agenda. CRT is anti American culture and religion.

KeVince Level 8 June 22, 2021

Great supporters you have there in your comments:

Logical Extreme
Praeger is a J to the E to the W. Just tell the truth to debunk anything they say. Moral of the story? How dare you steal their oppression narrative thunder.

Marcus P
I'm all about The 14 Words


Are you now trying to get kicked off utube?

govols Level 8 June 22, 2021

Not going to watch your video, but, it's because CRT isn't anti-White. Easy answer.

Why are gatekeepers lecturing us that we shouldn't call Christianity pro-pedophilia?

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