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General Milley secretly worked with the enemy, promising to notify them of any upcoming attack.

ramzpaul 8 Sep 15
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Honestly he has to go.


The American State, by which I mean the permanent structures of political power at the federal level in this country (as opposed to the government---i.e., the elected, appointed and bureaucratic personnel who move into and out of the State structures) is weakening. Lines of authority rest ultimately on faith in the legitimacy of such authority, and we've seen numerous examples of actors within the government attempting to subvert constitutional authority. Recent revelations about Milley evoke older stories of Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, James Comey and likely others whose names I've forgotten. As the legitimacy of constitutional order fails and compliance with legal authority ceases to be observed, the continued existence of the State itself is open to question. While history doesn't always precisely repeat, look again at the example of Russia in 1917. The Tsar was not overthrown by the Bolsheviks---his authority, for numerous reasons, crumbled beneath him.


Milley ordered his generals to not obey Trump if Trump used nukes.

Milley disabled America's most important weapon. Maximum treason. Firing squad.


Why is he free to continue and Assange is still in jail for NO real reason?? Oohhh!! It's America, the worlds best deceptive word-smiths and truth deniers

Foz01 Level 7 Sep 15, 2021

It there was a jail for total narcissistic pricks Assange would never get out.


A military coup by Democrats.

This is firing squad stuff we are talking about here.

@Foz01 I think only in time of war.

@Geofrank I agree, but it is that serious to National security and really, if war did occur and he was in his position advising china to undermine the National government, it could spell the end of America with a loss to China. That must not and can not happen. With people like him and Hillary at the political table while Americans allow them to represent and make decisions on your behalf, I'm afraid America is doomed. It has started already. This shit is really urgent to Americans, it must be addressed and cleaned out, as in NOW mate! Americans must be terrified knowing he is making National decisions on your behalf when Money and Power underpin his every decision before national security and safety.


Do you work in the Biden's administration? Are you in touch with the White House? Do you work at the Pentagon? Just wondering, if that's OK.

Naomi Level 8 Sep 15, 2021

Final point: this allegation comes not from Milley, China, or Trump directly but Woodward's book indirectly.

As such, if you are to believe what Woodward says about Milley in the book is true then you should believe everything else Woodward says about Trump in the same book is true.

But we aren't going to do that, right? 😀

Yep. This one strikes me in much the same way as do stories like the 43 hospitals called to find a bed covid stories...

Are you saying you know he didn't do it?

No. I've no way of knowing what he did or did not say or do.
What I am saying is :

  1. This is hearsay claim from Woodward. As such, it is not a "fact" this happened the way woodward describes it but an "allegation" that it did. The past few years have been RIPE with allegations being raised to the level of fact, be it in relation to The Big Lie, BLM, or #metoo.

  2. Conservatives are going to latch onto any criticism of Milley or Biden as factual while dismissing everything else woodword says against trump as fake news. In other words, much like liberals and just about everyone else in the world, they are going to cherry pick the facts from the book to support their narrative instead of promoting a truth.

@TheMiddleWay well hope you apologise when its proven then.

Don't expect others to do that which you don't do yourself.

@TheMiddleWay liar liar pants on fire


Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death

Minor problem with the calls for treason: China is neither an enemy of the USA nor engaged in a war with her.
Hence giving them aid or comfort... in this case warning them that Trump might be unhinged enough to fire a nuke at them... is not treason.

I agree with the "treason" when there is no war analysis.

I disagree with rationalizing what might have been an undermining of civilian authority over the military.

I don't see this as undermining civilian authority given that these (alleged) military communications did not refuse any orders from civilian authorities nor would prevent said orders from being carried out.

In other words, if Trump really had wanted to Nuke china, this communication would not have prevented it nor affected it in any way shape or form.


If such a call needed to be made, it needed to be made by the Sec. Of Def., or probably State with the whole cabinet and VP in on it. That's a way it might have been acceptable.

This is why I'm wondering if these types of communications are usual or unusual.

After all, the very nature of what he needed to discuss could not have been made public within the White House lest it potentially trigger the very action he's trying to prevent or other unintended consequences, you know?


He was worried that Trump was unhinged enough fire a nuke at China and he acted on that belief to prevent such
A good general will take any action necessary to prevent a war.


It's likely that there are many in the military that are secretly working with China, and we need to smoke them out. We need congressional hearings and subpoenas. We need an independent council.

In the hierarchy war secrets, an attack is in the highest tier of secrecy.

By warning China of an attack, the consequence is that American soldiers will die. Their deaths is Milley's responsibility.

We have a smoking gun!


Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death


He should be arrested and executed for treason!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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