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Katie Couric admits she 'protected' RGB by excluding comments that were not woke enough. This confirms that American journalism has become strictly propaganda.

ramzpaul 8 Oct 14
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So the bubbly news reader (because even the epitaph journalist is too good) feels comfortable correcting (for her own good) a supreme court judge. Leaving the putrid politics out this an example of the inflated media ego, and how truth and accuracy fall victim to propaganda.


Journalistic Integrity ...oh please bring me the bottle.


Simply being a sentient being with an IQ over 70 and watching any news channel for an hour would also confirm this.


I think the lies have always been there in the sense that only those who supported the narrative were given air time or when they felt they could paint someone as a nut job. When new mediums to desemenate information are invented it gives a brief chance for people who aren't propagandists to share their ideas which of course as we see has destabilizing effects. Now that everyone has been effectively corraled into youtube, facebook, twitter etc. the government has stepped in with some soft censorship to start restabilizing things and getting everyone on the same page. Soon we'll all be repeating the same drivel again if we aren't already. We will think back and say "Why did we ever fight over those ideas, it's so clear what the answer is now. If only we had not been racist, phobic, etc." But we will be remembering the narrative we were fed and not what we were actually mad about. We will be so happy to be slaves again and we will elect some republican doosh who will give us all the same healthcare and a democrat will give UBI. Well bomb Iran or something at the behest of a world bank but we'll all know we really did it cuz they're terrorists. Life will be good except for anyone who was never under the spell in the first place. This discord was our time to shine as free thinkers but now it's about over. Let us get back to the silence of the lambs.

RoyLA Level 1 Oct 14, 2021

Spot on. They can round us up and put us on an island or worse but Sleepers can work both ways 'They' will never get us all. Ever.


Looking for truth in the media is like looking for diamonds in a dumpster.

On rare occasions a diamond may find its way into a dumpster, and with similar frequency the media might tell the truth.

@Mechanic Likely more of a lapsus linguae or what JP might call a Freudian slip.


Everything the media says is a lie. And Americans are too lazy to check their sources or look at the past behavior of the liars.

Welder1 Level 6 Oct 14, 2021

Not only you Yanks.

@Inspiration the whole world is mostly snoring.

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