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Contra Ramzpaul, our woes are not about equality or egalitarianism. Rather, there is a special idolatry of three groups uber alles: They are Jews, blacks, and homos.

Notice no one complains about Too Many Blacks in the NBA or NFL, or Too Many Jews on Wall Street, Las Vegas, Hollywood.
No, the problem is only when there are 'too many' whites... or maybe too many Asians in elite schools.

If our problem is about equality, how come both political parties are totally submissive to AIPAC while turning a blind eye to the suppression of BDS? Biden's regime is 75% Jewish, but who's calling for more equal representation? Who has ever called on the NYT to hire some Palestinian-American columnists?

No, only the Tri-Idolatry or Tridolatry of Jews, blacks, and homos matters.

US didn't become like this due to rising equality. FDR actually empowered the white working class. It's free trade that made the very rich ever richer by outsourcing jobs and importing cheaper immigrant labor. Today, the 1% has more wealth than the middle class. This is problem of equality or leftism?

Rather, the cynical oligarchs pretend to be supportive of the 'left' to fool both the Democrat and Republican masses. Democrats are fooled into believing their party is about 'social justice' while Republicans are fooled into thinking the problem lies with 'communism'. ROTFL.

andaleyutro 7 Nov 17
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