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Is Darrell Edward Brooks Jr. a BLM terrorist? Or just a low IQ criminal who hates Whites?

ramzpaul 8 Nov 23
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Afreakans are always looking to get free stuff, Send them all back.

Welder1 Level 7 Nov 23, 2021

They are not mutually exclusive.


Obviously the guy is a self centred moron


This man with spectacles makes a lot of sense.Surprising how clear the real picture is when your not stupid! Its a divided world after all!


You framed your questions as either/or?
BLM is a terrorist org. They are also racist. Only a low IQ TWOT would pursue an AR15-toting kid during another staged riot -- again, typical BLM/Antifa thug. Only someone with all those qualities would run down kids of any race.
If you did a venn diagram on this you'd probably have two circles almost totally overlapping.
He, like the three/four losers at the KR incident seem to be birds of a feather. All commie trash and NPC's who wholeheartedly support the existing admin.


Embrace the power of AND


All of the above , he is an evil terrorist with a low IQ that hates whites.

FEWI Level 8 Nov 23, 2021
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