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Dear Paul,

Thank you (and Sacha) for the great livestream with Jared Taylor. No better way to start your new show! My favorite of all the livestreams from you I’ve seen so far. I appreciate being able to learn about Jared the man: his formative years, his thoughts on exercise and sports, and his stance on the Dog and Cat Question. I think public figures like him must get tired of the same old questions. If there’s ever a next time, you could ask him about his time in France. His tricultural (American/Japanese/French) background gives him a unique perspective – one that is more diverse than that of most of his critics.

I was surprised that you and Sacha hadn’t read his book Shadows of the Rising Sun. That’s the only book of his that I have read. I speak Japanese and have lived and studied in Japan. I find most of what is said about Japan in the US to be uninformed nonsense. Back in 1990, I stumbled upon Shadows of the Rising Sun and was impressed. Finally a book in English by someone who knew Japan from the inside and wasn’t pulling any punches without falling into the then-popular trap of anti-Japanese hatred. Then twelve years later I found AmRen and was surprised to see Jared Taylor’s name again in a different context. Twelve more years later, I found you … but that’s another story. I hope you and Sacha read and enjoy Shadows of the Rising Sun. I’d love to see you two discuss it in a video similar to the one you did on When Prophecy Fails.

I read When Prophecy Fails thanks to you. A road map to the type of madness that has now gone global. I salute you for speaking out against what I call the mind virus of COVID-1984. Much of the Dissident Right has succumbed to it. But you, Sacha, and Z Man are immune and are spreading sanity.

Z Man would be my top pick for a future guest.

Keep filming, and I’ll keep watching – on Patreon as well as YouTube. Your exclusives make it worthwhile to support you while I wait your book. Maybe I could read that and reread Shadows of the Rising Sun back to back!

AMRX 3 May 20
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Jared Taylor was a great guest. However the show felt cut short. Seemed half the superchats didn’t get read. I posted two and didn’t get to either.

@CarriePCox Ramz welcomes fans input for what makes the show better so I don't think he would be offended. He might not do it but you can on Patreon say hey can we try to address super-chats earlier because if they bunch up then he reads them at the end and either misses them or super rushes through them. There are dumb questions that do not deserve full answers or sometimes the answer has already been given so that is fine. When the show says it was getting tighter as it used to go 2 hours but now has to be under 1 hour 30 minutes I would think tighter meant the earlier talking but not the chats. The chats fund the show so rushing through them makes the viewer think their money is not worth the time, and leads to people to not want to give them if they are not even read, I know people most are not giving 50 bucks per chat but still even if 5 to 10 I think it hurts to not get it read. The big key is if the initial talk is longer the overall show needs to be longer. If the initial part is kept tight and to not much more than 30 minutes then it makes the super-chats not bunch up and be too much to handle. Gavin Mcinnes show also had many that never got read and given that the questions were for him as a guest it is worthless to say oh we can ask them next time. The guest is gone so they will never get read. 50 percent talking and 50 percent to the chats is best ratio but sometimes cannot be done. A little more talking than chats can even be fine like 60/40 but 90/10 or 80/20 are not good ratios unless the total number of chats is like 5 or less.


His key points of the interview seemed to be

  1. Work hard and study hard and try to get established before showing any activism.

  2. Try to emulate Jewish traits in a flattering way. Work together be nepotistic and work hard in a group interest way, don't just be about yourself selfish. Think about the group.

  3. Run for local office or schoolboard. Do not be crazy, be rational and move the needle a bit, don't have views that alienate tons of people. Ignore the media and SPLC lies think about normies and what works with them.