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His Name Is Roman Kichigin: White 15-Year-old Immigrant Murdered in Charlotte by 18-Year-old Black Male in "Car Transaction Gone Wrong"


RiseOfInjustic 3 May 23
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If you left the races out of the story does it really change anything?

The lack of integration of social classes is a tragedy. The insanity of course comes from being able to talk about race when it serves an agenda but never genetics. Half of the victims of homicide are roughly white as are the offenders. Offenders tend to be relatively low in IQ and high in male characteristics. Physiologically they tend to be low in impulse control. All of which are heritable traits.

People who come into this world with disadvantages in adapting to a highly hierarchical society need strong leadership from male role models, especially as it relates to impulse control.

Check out the marshmallow experiment. Life success in any highly organized society is closely tied to impulse control.

wolfhnd Level 7 May 23, 2020

Here is the problem, the individual characteristics that allow for success outside the poor white community are not the characteristics that would allow the same person to successfully address the issues within that community. Both successful whites and blacks will naturally abandon poor communities. If they stayed they would have little impact. What those communities essential need is "headmen". That is the environment that the community is genetically adapted for. It's what we are all adapted for but advanced civilization requires voluntary compliance with "unnatural laws".


Lives matter not a particular race's lives. The current msm narrative spin is identity politics driven not factual journalism.

dd54 Level 7 May 23, 2020