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The Media lies they are against violence. They only oppose it when the politics behind it goes against their interest. With the Alt right they declared SPLC and ADL can censor because of violence. They said that about Proud Boys but when comes to Antifa and Black Lives Matter they encourage violence, they praise destroyed property and injured people. So the Media just lies about everything. The Cop and Black thing that White kids never get killed is a lie like everything else about this current Clown World.

Robert100 6 May 31
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Anyone notices Barely any Asians killed and if this was such a White supremacist Police force why would it magically favor Asians?? Why does this invisible backpack only care about harming Blacks yet not Asians?? Why do more Whites die even proportionally to Asians??


The media only cares if 1) fits their narrative 2) ups ratings. Twice as many whites die each year in police custody than blacks. It makes since overall, whites are still a majority. But given the msm coverage, one would be led to believe it's open season on innocent people of color. No wonder they're so nilhistic and hateful. We've seen over how many decades a vicious cycle of unemployment, social disintegration and grievance politics. It's always going to be a powder keg but now the rage is being gifted a special moral justification by imbeciles who sit in newsrooms and occupy seats of political power. It's a wonder things aren't worse than they are.

Blacks have a population in America of 40 million people. 229 died by cops in 2018 and 235 in 2019. Of those pathetically low numbers to cause Billions of dollars in property damage how many were unarmed or not resisting??? Say half like 120?? 120 out of 40 million??? Could be less than 100. They act like proportionally they are in danger anywhere they walk to not be killed by another Black like in Chicago where 5,000 Blacks have died from other Blacks. But no these 200 or so people in a country of 350 million people is so worth 96 hours worth of media coverage to get Billions of dollars i property damage and numerous people dead.


2018 stats. W