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Another secession map, this time from Nick Fuentes's twitter followers.

I think this map is reasonable, not perfect of course.

Any Partition deal can be made ever more perfect using Greg Johnson's "slow cleanse" idea.

I also am a proponent of an Alaska - Russia bridge to unite the northern part of the planet.

Nick is the latest member of the "Alt Lite" to embrace separation.

After November 4th it will be mainstream conservatives.

After the Enemy does their bit in 2021, it will be most whites.

(currently most whites are desperate to "take back America" but America is dead)

Faster, please.

Afterthought 7 June 19
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This proposal might work if the populatioh of North America were all white and only divided by ideology and language (English or French).

But of course the population is more diverse. Where are all the Leftist nonwhites on the continent going to go? Will the entire black population of the South move to the United Eastern Liberal States? I think Blueland would be bigger to encompass Zones of Color propped up by goodwhites. Or there would have to be separate black and Hispanic countries, allies/dependents of Blueland. Hawaii could be an 'independent' country. In scare quotes since it would also be dependent on Blueland.

AMRX Level 5 June 19, 2020

Look at the 20 election map. We have a handful of blue tumors on an otherwise healthy red body. How do we excise them without the cancer metastasizing? I ask because not only do we need clearly-defined borders to defend, we also need to move massive quantities of very belligerent people, totaling close to half the population of our entire country. I guess we'll have all the cops and all the military, since the left doesn't want them, but still... how?

gadsden Level 4 June 19, 2020

Canada is still under the British Crown; I don’t see them joining with Somalified American states.

Unless their kike overlords tell them to...

@capnflummox Judging by how well the Royal Family has "protected" the British people (their primary duty for the past thousand years) in recent decades, I supposed anything is possible.

@Potgieter Yeah.


I don't think things would split up that simply. Have you heard of Colin Woodard's American Nations? He talks about 11 different cultural zones in North America.


I guess I'm going to have to move.

Choppy Level 5 June 19, 2020
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