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There are almost a million black slaves in the Congo today. They aren't being enslaved by europeans; they're being enslaved by blacks. But articles like this try to shame europeans for the evils of colonialism? What a fucking joke!


GilBatesLovesU 6 June 26
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Tear down a statue and save them all.

Waggles Level 3 June 27, 2020

Black Americans have a higher standard of living than any other Blacks in the world.


And don’t forget, Africans sold their OWN People to the slave trade


We never get any thanks for being the ones to end it in the US.


Well, if we are anything to go by, it won't end well.


Even if something evil happened in the past, why does that have anything to do with the present of the future?

Ghengis Khan genocided much of Asian whites, should Mongolia pay reparations to Turkmenistan?


I guess "Black Lives Matter" doesn't matter there?

@M1959. No brother. One man is responsible for what he does.

“We seem to be getting closer and closer to a situation where nobody is responsible for what they did but we are all responsible for what somebody else did.” - Thomas Sowell

@M1959 HAHA 😂

@M1959, @TimTuolomne Tim, he’s being facetious & saying how ridiculous it is.

@Bobzees, Yep. Got it, thanks.

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