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Question. So what kind of reaction will the rest of the world give us, America, if we’re under a radical authoritarian left wing government? For instance, if Trump loses and Biden is in and is a puppet with a likely Black female ultra radical. Here’s the key part, this person and radical administration will have full command over the US nuclear arsenal, which is the second largest in the world.

How’s Putin or Xi going to react?


Towgunner77 5 June 29
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Oh ... c’mon ...
If the Left takes over, the remaining World Powers will tell them that in the need for World Peace and Love that they should simply disarm ... dismantle ... thise nasty bombs ... that horrid military ...
Before They Hurt Themselves ...

“Here, we’ll give you some candy and a cookie. Go outside and play. We’ll call you in when something “important” is going on.”


The deep state will still be in control of America. Both Putin and Xi are aware of that and they understand that it's not in the interest of the deep state to engage in a nuclear exchange.

As for everything else, the deep state will use the cover of a Democrat in the White House to further subjugate the people. The blacks and Communists will be further agitated and there will be increased clamp downs on freedom of speech and firearm ownership.

The people of America have no representation in the federal government. We're on our own. At the risk of being redundant, the best thing a person in America can do at this point is distance themselves from the cities. The cities will bear the brunt of most of the turmoil that's coming.

Triumph Level 6 June 29, 2020

They will probably react more favorably than America under a radical authoritarian right wing government, where a mentally deranged narcissist has full command over the US nuclear arsenal (and thinks we should use it on hurricanes) and is a puppet to the radical evangelist theocrats.

Are you referring to Trump? The guy's no farther right on the political spectrum than Obama was in 2012.

@gadsden you surely can't be serious. Oh, I forgot this was the RamZPaul group, aka "JEWS BAD", so he just be far to the left because he supports Israel.

@JacksonNought "When I see Mexican flags waved at pro-immigration demonstrations, I sometimes feel a flush of patriotic resentment." "I believe marriage is between a man and a woman. I am not in favor of gay marriage." These are both Obama quotes. Trump is farther left today than Obama was when he made these statements. Stop with the ad hominem and make a real argument.

@gadsden so trying to build a wall is a leftist idea? Claiming windmills cause cancer to try and deny climate change as a hoax? Gassing a group of peaceful protesters, along with a pastor, so you can take a photo op at a church? Picking a VP who is a Christian theocrat who believes abortion and gay marriage should be abolished, and gay teenagers should go through conversion torture? Banning trans people from the military? Riling up crowds by saying there is a war on Christmas, calling countries shitholes, removing safety and environmental regulations to allow corporations to pollute and lower their standards? That is all leftist?

@JacksonNought That's a lot to unpack without writing a massive essay you probably wouldn't read anyway, so I'll say this: the claim I made is that by 2010 standards, Trump is left of Obama. No, he does not qualify as a leftist by woke 2020 standards, but neither would Obama, who commented that the democratic party is moving too far left. source If you want to engage in a civil discussion where you or I may learn something productive, please focus on one topic at a time. Thank you.

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