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American Renaissance just got taken down from youtube. @RamZPaul, you should private all your videos immediately.

GilBatesLovesU 5 June 29
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We must name the Jew. It's not the 'left'. It's not communists. it's the Jewish supremacists. After all, pro-Palestinian voices have been banned. Trump even signed a law criminalizing BDS with the support of craven conservatives. Jews treat us like palestinians. We are like the New Palestinians. Say NO to White Nakba.


We’re losing our country. Sad thing is unlike previous times, where there would be a push back against far left bullies, black radicalism etc, this time, the “Overton Window”; corporations, university administrators, college and pro coaches, editorials, prosecutors, politicians of both parties are intimidated into submission. White ppl who stand up for their rights, stand up for their lives even, are mocked, doxed then face professional and legal destruction.


Ramz is fine now he took away any controversial videos. The only interview up still on his channel he could maybe move to Bitchute would be the Jared Taylor one he did Paul and Sacha show. I think it is fine up this week but by next week. Maybe it will be fine who knows. All the other shows should be fine.


the purge has started

M1959 Level 6 June 29, 2020

I knew it was going to start this year. It's going to slowly get more and more overtly oppressive as this decade goes on.

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