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Capitalism is the legitimate racket of the ruling class.
~Al Capone

On the subject of #CrimeInfested. A thread.

Trump Towers

Dark Towers review: Deutsche Bank, Donald Trump and a must-read mystery

Trump’s businesses are full of dirty Russian money. The scandal is that it’s legal.

Why The Trump Organization Now Risks Being Charged As A Criminal Enterprise

Puppet of Zion

Secure Community Network
win# 201437733 IRS 990

King Without a Crown

Malcolm Hoenlein

Now you know why this happened.

Intelligence Reform: An open letter to new Director of National Intelligence the Honorable John Ratcliffe

Gorrilla 4 June 30
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Good points, but I could care less about us selling arms to Saudi Arabia. What they do in their sphere of influence is their business, I just don’t want them involved in our politics.


If Capitalism and Trump are so bad then why are people from foreign lands coming by the thousands to take up residence here in USA - furthermore, if it's all so bad here I really sincerely would like to see you go live in Cuba, China, N. Korea, Venezuela - take your pick. See how you like the oppression, privation and misery that Socialism always causes.
Oh BTW, be sure to check under your bed every night before going to sleep - there might be an evil child of Satan Jew hiding under there just to gitcha after the lights go out. LOL

iThink Level 8 June 30, 2020

@Gorrilla you do some reading! Socialist countries don't need to be sanctioned in order to fail. They fail all on their own. You know the saying - "...problem with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other peoples money"...
Gov't is incapable of producing revenue / wealth. It has to take resources (by force) from the productive members of society and then distribute according to their own whims.
Sanctions against oppressive (communist/socialist) and rogue regimes are NOT responsible for the failures of the respective economies in those countries.

@Gorrilla LOL - you are very confused.