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Ramzpaul and many other people have been vocally expressing the idea of local community networking. There have been past and current organizations who’s sole purpose was to connect like minded right-wing people. They have all failed or have attracted the wrong kind of people. I’m wondering is it even possible to form a local social network. Everyone who expresses their concerns about the current state of America does so anonymously over the internet. I would like everyone thoughts on Right wing community organizing.

Vincent099 4 July 2
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I always thought first you need to start with the most mainstream people we have that our based like Tucker Carlson, Ann Coulter, and Michelle Malkin. If a Republican normie you know likes those 3 people you are in pretty good as far as what they think. Try to make it not just political but maybe a common hobby or just a bar with wings and beer. From there you can mix personal with political. I think its better they like someone up there versus they like Spencer or Duke because then you never know how far they go down the rabbit hole. As bad as the mainstream if you have to try to find a few figures from there that are the best or closest we got and try to have people who relate to those figures. I think recommending the Zman Blog to a normie works because he writes in a very respectful and reasonable way.


Once you define the movement as right wing, which is a biologically driven frame of mind, you instantly lose because you cannot get enough people. - at best it will be 30%.

The idea that we could accomplish anything offline in this day and age is rather silly. There is nothing wrong with local organizations but you also need to be engaging at the highest level - which involves mass media of all kinds.

The way forward is to be realistic about the demographic impossibility of making all of America great again. If we split off "heritage America" from the coasts, that nation would become all that America was promised to be, but a whole lot better, as we have learned some painful lessons about the stupidity of loving ones neighbor and turning the other cheek. You cannot do that with the Enemy.

The way to treat others is with reciprocity.

Once we have a consensus that splitting up the country is the way to go, then you can start building the sinews and muscles of that new government in the form of a single-issue political campaign. Even if/when the Enemy would be opposed (because they feed off of us), we can do a non-violent civil disobedience campaign as a final step (similar to Ghandi) and they would have to acquiesce quickly.

The biggest obstacle is the emotional pain of admitting that America is dead. Once you understand that, the solution is rather trivial, split up the country, and the method of splitting it up is also rather trivial. Even now people are still thinking to "take back America" or "make America great again", even though the nation is literally rotting and burning before their very eyes.

That will change November 4th. Our job now is to do as much preparation as possible, as the Enemy could easily impose true tyranny come January that would last a thousand years if not for all eternity.