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Who are the top 10 individuals whose ideas and inventions have contributed to human flourishing? I can think of a few off the top of my head like Louis Pasteur, Nikola Tesla, and Thomas Edison.

  1. Pasteur - food preservation and germ theory
  2. Tesla - wireless communication
  3. Edison - electric light
  4. Gutenberg - affordable books and newspapers
  5. Watt - 2x efficient steam engine
  6. Wright bros. - flight
  7. Ford - affordable cars
  8. Browning - best guns
  9. Galileo - gravity, astronomy, compass, etc.
  10. Bacon - scientific method

I can’t think of a single non-white (and non-Jewish) male that could be a serious contender for this list. Is this because my education was unfairly biased in favor of white men, or is it because white men are objectively superior in the field of promoting human flourishing?

Who else deserves a place on this list? I’ll edit in changes because I’m bored.

tenslein 6 July 15
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Isaac Newton was the "giant" upon whose shoulders subsequent scientists and mathematicians stood.


"Necessity is the mother of invention"

The humans who:
Learned to make fire
Sow seeds
Develop the plow
Invent the wheel
The lever
Create language symbols (letters for certain sounds)
Movable type
Understanding of Physics
Make electricity...
Periodic Chart of Elements

The ethnicity and skin color of the people who did these things is of little or no consequence.

iThink Level 9 July 15, 2020

Henry Ford

John Browning

Wilbur/Orville Wright

Andrew Jackson

Triumph Level 6 July 15, 2020

@JATW Nothing wrong with Beretta. But John Browning was a true firearms engineering genius. You should read up on everything he had a hand in designing.

Interesting page.


What did Andrew Jackson do?


We all get it; everyone knows. That's why other people get special help.

YZF2000 Level 4 July 15, 2020

I can’t think of any names at the moment but I promise you that if the schools do reopen this fall they won’t be learning about any of these men, they’ll be learning about Saint Michael Brown and Saint Trayvon Martin and white supremacy and white privilege.

Andyman Level 8 July 15, 2020

I would have to put Johannes Gutenberg as my number one. The printing press was absolutely revolutionary.


Eddison did not invent the lightbulb.

He produced an improved bulb but others had made and patented lightbulbs before him. I do not know if he was the first But I think Sir Humphrey Davy came up with the idea of a light bulb in a paper about 1800ad.

Eddison also was instrumental in popularising the use of electric light.

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I’ll edit in Electric lightbulb. Actually, electric light is better.

Edison invented the light bulb that LASTED. No one else was able to get them to stay lit before that. Essentially the vacuum.

@YZF2000 I think you are mistaken. He improved the filament which did indeed last longer. He did not "come up with the idea of a lightbulb. When people say someone "invented" something the usually mean came up with the original idea.

I think there is no doubt Eddison invented the phonogram.

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