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It is interesting that RamZ has been explicitly Biblical in a few recent videos. I knew he was Christian, but I would still describe his channel as secular. When he calls the wanton destruction of the rioting mob "Satanic", I felt that it was a very accurate description of the malevolent spirit gripping the country, whether you believe in Satan or not.

SpootLepedus 5 July 16
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I do agree about Satanic and possibly Islamic. There is Anti-Christian and Anti-Semitic agenda with these people.


More targeted vandalism.


You will know them by their fruits.


Well, extinction is the rule rather than the exception on this planet, perhaps in the whole of the cosmos. But it has nothing whatsoever to do with any evil beast, or Satan which is a human invention.

angelo Level 8 July 16, 2020

Interesting that you consider libertarianism a viable ideology, yet Christianity is a bridge too far. If you would open your eyes just a bit you would see that both are opposed by the same power.

There are 8.32 * 10^81 ways my 5 year (60 magazines in total) subscription to scientific american, can be arranged.( I'm wanting to put them in chronological order by date), by comparison there are 10^80 atoms in entire observable random chance the universe is incapable of simply organizing my collection of magazines.


Because western Civilization is inherently Christian. Even moral atheists use Christian values.


"Satanic" is not always an apt description for evil. Some who read the Bible might consider Satan to be the good guy. When you call anything you disagree with "Satanic" it makes secular people just roll their eyes and dismiss you. If you accuse the wealthy elite of running underground Satanic rituals (not saying you are here specifically, but it is a common thread) it distracts from actual crimes they are committing.

For those of us who don't believe in Satan, we see him as a symbol of the eternal rebel in opposition to arbitrary authority, forever defending personal sovereignty even in the face of insurmountable odds. Satan is an icon for the unbowed will of the unsilenced inquirer – the heretic who questions sacred laws and rejects all tyrannical impositions. Satan represents rational inquiry removed from supernaturalism and archaic tradition-based superstitions. It represents critical thinking and reasonable agnosticism in all things.

In John 8:44 the Messiah refers to Satan as the father of lies. The situation America is in today is fueled by a constant barrage of lies.

@Triumph the media claims Trump lies. Trump claims the media lies. Who do you believe?

@JacksonNought As I said, the situation America is in today is fueled by a constant barrage of lies.

@Triumph that's a fair point. My point in asking though is to illustrate that all sides will accuse the other of lying, as they need to discredit their opposition and gain trust for themselves. The "Messiah" claims Satan is the "father of lies" - but why do you automatically trust them? This is all hypothetical, of course, as I don't believe in the Bible, a messiah, Satan, any of it.

@scotirishviet I only respect Lovecraft as fiction literature as well. The man himself was a terrible bigot.

I don't glorify evil. In fact, if you took a moment to research modern Satanism, such as The Satanic Temple, you would see just how non-evil it was.

And yes, I defended pornography. I defend the freedom of individuals when it comes to privacy and bodily autonomy. Sounds like you just want to control people and remove freedom. And you think I am evil?

@JacksonNought Your profile states that you're a Satanist. Yet you claim not to believe in the existence of Satan. Taking into consideration that Christians believe that Satan is the father of lies, why should I believe what you say? - about Satan or anything else?

@Triumph correct, I am a Satanist. You should actually research modern Satanism. Did you see what I originally posted? I will reword it here.

Modern Satanism is a non-theistic, non-superstitious religious identity. Satanism does not believe in, nor worship, a literal Satan. Satan is a used as a symbol representing the ultimate rebel against oppressive authority, embracing rational inquiry, and promoting personal freedom.

The "Satan" part of Satanism is two fold. The main part is that is has purely symbolic meaning to us, there is no belief in a literal entity. The second, far less important yet still relevant part, is that it challenges the bias and religious favoritism in what should be a pluralistic society - prominent Christian or Jewish groups will cry religious freedom when it favors them, but when you argue that Satanism (which is a fully recognized, tax-exempt religion in the USA) gets those same freedoms, those groups start to backpedal and show their hypocrisy.

@JacksonNought Yes. I read it the first time. Call me skeptical.

@Triumph sure, you are allowed to be skeptical. Just as I can be skeptical that Christians or Jews are not evil bigoted people who want to rip up the Constitution.

To be clear, in this thread, scotirishviet decided to block me because I challenged her world view and it was too much for her. She doesn't believe in freedom of religion, apparently.

@JacksonNought When I was younger I was more of a Libertarian, legalize drugs/porn isn't a big deal/Today Is The Day is my favorite band type of guy. Now I'm more of a "we are fighting a spiritual battle against Evil" kind of guy. If you are for non violent resolution, then that's a good place to be regardless of your beliefs.

@SpootLepedus I'm all for non violent resolution. But I don't think there is a spiritual battle for anything, and your definition of evil is probably different than mine.


There's only so much that can be written off as coincidence. Now the churches are being burned.

Where Bolsheviks go, anti Christianity follows. Russia's Christians took it on the chin bad when the Bolshevik plague passed through there in 1917. Now it's here.

Paul mentioned the source of it a while ago.


Triumph Level 6 July 16, 2020
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