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Rush Limbaugh believes the country will split apart.

"What is the one thing that unites the people of this country today? There isn’t anything. There isn’t any overlap of commonality.......
So the real question is, or a real question, how can we go on this way? How can we continue to have a country that’s united when it isn’t? We are not, right now, the United States of America. We are in name only.......So how do we exist as a united country? We don’t. Now, I don’t think there’s gonna be a civil war with declared military type hostilities as there was in the 1860s, but I can see secession coming. I don’t know when. I can see California and New York and the northern half of Illinois splitting up. "


frankdracman 5 July 19
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Rush is a chronic liar.



Tearaft Level 5 July 24, 2020

I don't think the balkanization of America will happen very soon. But it's already started to break up into cultural zones. The pace will pick up as more and more industry relocates to areas that don't have the tax burden of states that are in the process of adopting Communism.

In the short term, those states which offer easy access to social program money will be a magnet for the parasites of America - until they collapse. That's already evident in the Pacific Northwest and large parts of central and southern California.

Triumph Level 6 July 19, 2020

And once those states succeed? Then because they will be ethno-states, or at least divided based on belief system, there will be a war. Rush's days passed about years ago.

YZF2000 Level 4 July 19, 2020

I don't think war necessarily follows: Czechoslovakia divided into Czechia and Slovakia, for example without war. If Scotland manages to secede from the UK, i don't think there will be war. Nothing's certain of course, and war is always possible, but i don't think inevitably.


The focus shifted from unity to diversity (or you’re a racists).


Democracies only last up to about 250 years. We're real close to that right now.

How many people actually know who the real enemy is?

It's equality, or more correctly the religion of equality. Thanks to the religion of equality infecting (infesting like insects) all aspects of society, we can't trust federal law enforcement:

"Federal Law Enforcement is on the Side of the Mob"

Tucker Carlson: 'The mob' is controlled by Democrats, and 'this is their militia' | Fox News - []

While everybody is focused internally, the external threats from China and Russia are not getting better. There is a real risk of hot war, and our weakened nuclear arsenal (thanks Obama and Bush) is not enough to stop it.

Op-Ed: The cold war between U.S. and China just got a lot hotter []


"The ultimate goal for the NWO is a one world socialist totalitarian government" Bill Cooper


The Rushes of the world will die off and then there will be consensus.


The best solution I could offer is to return to a much smaller Federal Government and much more autonomy in the states. If we went back to adhering to the constitutional limits, people would naturally gravitate to states where they felt more comfortable. Inter state commerce, freedom of movement, common means of exchange, etc could go on. The federal government for better or worse has become a collection of factions who want to force their will and ideology on everyone while selectively claiming various portions of property based on arbitrary rules.

As it stands right now, something does have to give. My vote goes to the restoration of Republic of Texas if the current Federal system will not reform. We'll be fine without the rest of the country. Maybe even better off.

When this all finishes going to hell, I am coming to Texas. We can make our last stand there, cause they are not gonna stop till they have it all.


OK, Now here is a thought for you. IF all the left can carp about is minority cultures why is it that the left wants to put leftist values on these cultures when the leftist values are western?

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