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If the economy crashed tomorrow, and 70% of Americans ended up homeless, what would happen to those people?

If the economy crashed, and 70% of Americans ended up homeless, what would happen to those people?

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H0bo 6 Aug 28
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It was a toss-up between 1 and 5 for me. Great poll btw!


Those who learned to fish, shall eat.
Those dependent on handouts... Well, that's why the fisherman owns so many guns.

Yeah, our stellar education system that teaches libtardery funded by taxpayers has been such a blessing to past generations up til now.

@H0bo that's why I'm glad my Father taught me how to shoot and fish, among other things.


It’s not possible.

If the economy crashed 70% of Americans — in 88 million dwellings — couldn't end up homeless because who would do the negotiations and paperwork at the bank, retain legal counsel, file court docs, send out bailiffs, secure movers, and hire property management firms to maintain the homes?

To physically clear 88-million homes would require such a massive investment, that the economy would almost be kickstarted.

GeeMac Level 8 Aug 28, 2020

homes without heat, central air, electricity, and water are, in fact, still technically 'homes', so yes, indeed you are exactly correct

Its actually not possible to be homeless, since the earth is home to the human race, so, i should have reworded the question. oh well

@H0bo go tell a homeless person that. I'm sure they'll thank you for the heartwarming epiphany.

@The_Farseer yeah, I worked in the homeless service provider feild years doing street outreach, spent many years living on the street myself, and am currently homeless now by choice to stand in solidarity with homeless Americans nationwide becuz neither liberals nor conservatives have the balls to do anything about the homeless crisis but ridicule them like cowards from the comfort of their homes or completely ignore them. I've gotten to know hundreds of them personally over my many years experience. And how many have you gotten to know again? Funny, I think I already know the answer to that question

@H0bo What would you recommend we do about homelessness. The sad truth is almost all homelessness is related to drug addiction, and to a lesser extent, mental illness. Most people aren’t homeless because they lost their job.

People with addiction and mental illness simply don’t have the basic life skills to care for themselves or manage a personal dwelling.

To attribute homelessness to a lack of money, will or empathy is simplistic and unhelpful.

What do you see as the answer?

@GeeMac This statement you've made; the burden of proof is on you. Provide me with facts, not your personal opinion on something you have little to no actual lived experience in. I have 00's of hours experience on this subject from differing perspectives. I probably have 's of thousands of hours of experience, lived, training, in the feild.
The answer is extremely simple; and simplicity is something self proclaimed, self aggrandizing, so-called intellectuals despise.. overwhelmed by detail to the point where it obscures the overall situation.
The solution is in the constitution. You cannot, by law, deny the unalienable rights of American citizens based on an opinion without any facts to back it up. Apply the constitution, the law of the land. Its that simple.
Again, I know the so-called "intellectuals" love to apply the endless Copernicus circles of complexity to everything to make themselves and others feel how "smart" they are. I've never encountered anyone too to understand what im saying, I have though, encountered many who are too smart

@GeeMac I can provide links to plus years studies done by groups of practitioners of law that show substantial evidence that homeless americans across the nation are being unconstitutionally policed on a regular basis.
If we want to keep our freedoms as Americans, we have to defend the freedoms of fellow Americans. That is patriotism. We don't get to cherry pick which Americans freedoms we will or won't defend based on our own ignorance and personal opinions..
When America does that, thats when the government comes in and steals our rights using the common cold as its excuse.

@H0bo simple, verifiable fact - almost all homelessness is related to drug addiction and/or mental illness. No opinion involved at all. It’s a fact.

I was interested in what you think we can do about it.

@GeeMac For starters, First we need to drug test all politicians, doctors, corporate execs, corporate media etc... any and all people of prominence who have great influence and whose decisions have substantial impact on the lives of the common people. Then we need to test them all for mental illness as well..including Trump derangement syndrome, etc...
any mental illness and or drug addiction, whether doctor prescribed and/or street drug addiction should be appropriately addressed, in the same way we would address homeless drug addiction and mental illness..
Because; "People with addiction and mental illness simply don’t have the basic life skills to responsibly carry out the tasks of any politician, doctor, corporate exec, journalism, etc...

To attribute homelessness to drug addiction and/or mental illness is simplistic and is that
'Most people aren’t homeless because they lost their job'.

I already gave you a solution.. apply the constitution. Are solutions that you have actually constitutional? Can you prove your claims?

Just because, as you claim; 'almost all homelessness is related to drug addiction and/or mental illness'., doesnt clarify that as the cause of their homelessness, only a symptom of it. Most politicians are addicted to wealth and power.. Im addicted to a drug called nicotine and caffine.. should i have my constitutional rights taken away because of that?

It is now being declared that people who dissent from the mainstream Covid 19 narrative are suffering from mental illness.. should all those who oppose this narrative have their constitutional rights taken too?

It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a maladjusted society.. so, who ARE the mentally ill here? the clintons? Pelosi? the liberal left? Trump?

Apply the constitution to any proposed solution to the homeless crisis. If its not constitutional, then it doesnt fly. Ensure the constitutional rights of the homeless. These rights were put into place for a reason. Be an American patriot. In order to protect our American freedoms, we have to defend them for other Americans. Its that painfully simple. Simple but not easy. Whoever said freedom would be? The easy, lazy answer is to dehumanize them, treat them as alien, etc etc..

@H0bo I agree that addiction and mental illness affect everyone, not just the homeless. Politicians too. But the measure of adjustment in society is whether an individual is able to care for his basic needs. Many who suffer addiction and mental illness are often incapable of self-support, and often become homeless.

You haven’t identified what constitutional rights are being violated here.

I, in fact, would suggest the opposite. Much of today’s homelessness is due to society respecting the right of individuals to liberty. We made a decision in the 1970’s to “free” the mentally ill from custodial facilities because progressives protested we were violating their right to liberty. The thinking was based on Michel Foucault’s 1961 book Madness and Civilization. As we closed asylums, we created a homeless crisis overnight. Ten of thousands of mentally disabled people were discharged into the street, and quickly became drug addicted. With no mental asylums left, these people suffer in the streets or end up incarcerated. So much for the right to liberty.

@GeeMac starting in 1979 the federal government began slashing billions from the public housing budget. From 1979 to 1983 the public housing budget was cut from sixteen billion to one billion. From 1983 to 2003 the budget continued to decline to almost half a billion.
The idea that much of homelessness resulted from releasing the mentally ill is a myth that completely ignores the billions of dollars cut from the housing budget during that same time.
Its convenient for people to ignore this factual part of the story. Then it can all be blamed on "mental illness".
Removing the mentally ill from positions of power is far more important than the so-called mentally ill homeless..
Mentally ill politicians have the potential of destroying millions of peoples lives, as we see with the threat of a second oncoming depression.
And speaking of the depression; how do you think the depression of the twenties affected the mental state of those impacted by it? How would it affect people of today, who are by far less resilient and far more entitled and weak than the people of the twenties. A depression like what happened back then would be much more devastating to the average American. And all these people with all thier ignorant and misinformed assumptions of the homeless poor of today will face a rude awakening if and when they find themselves in the same position. People literally have no idea whats going on in this regard. None whatsoever

@GeeMac Here are some results from a ten year study done by the national law center on homelessness and poverty on the criminalization of homelessness. Starting on page seven, the executive summary is the most accurate description of life as a homeless American I have yet to come across, speaking from my own personal experience.

It continues, pointing out laws that criminally punish people living on the street for doing what any
human being must do to survive. I can also attest to this from my own personal experience, as well as witnessing it during my time working in the homeless service provider feild for 10 years.
I don't agree with much of the proposed solutions, though the facts presented are accurate.
Whatever solutions proposed, criminalizing activities that humans need to perform in order to survive is totally insane, and will only make the problem much, much worse, including exacerbating the problems of mental health:


@H0bo turning the mentally ill into the streets isn’t the only cause of homelessness, but dismissing it as a myth simply contributes nothing toward an important conversation.

Also dismissing the very key fact that most homelessness is directly related to addiction and mental illness isn't helpful.

Homelessness will never go away as long as we close our minds to the well-documented causes. That’s unfortunate, because it’s a largely solvable problem.

@GeeMac It is directly related, in many instances, though that doesnt mean it is the cause.
And to fixate on the releasing of mentally ill people from institutions while ignoring the insane budget cuts to public housing is an inaccurate and seemingly dishonest approach to effectively assessing the situation.

There is no evidence documented that can prove whether the addiction and/or mental illness caused the homelessness, or resulted FROM it.

Yes these things are related, that is different than claiming them to be the cause.

@GeeMac Ive been in this game a long time.. There is just as much evidence to suggest that addiction and mental illness resulted FROM homelessness as there is otherwise.

In the 50's, even poor people could find jobs, afford housing and access to education etc... all of that is gone. Previous generations, including boomers, have failed to acknowledge and accept this harsh reality, because they arent as directly affected by it as younger generations. The easy answer is "mental illness", and "drug addiction".. The problems are rooted much deeper than this

@H0bo totally respect your experience & agree the problems run very deep. Thanks for the insights!

@GeeMac i appreciate you're challenging me.. im real hard headed on this and would like to be more open minded to views like yours. I don't beleive you are wrong... and i am stubborn. I beleive somewhere in the middle is where things likely stand on this..
I really do need to be challenged..and you pushed back respectfully.. I will continue to take your views into consideration, and appreciate you allowing me to express mine as well..
cheers brother... (Hobos for Trump 2020!!)

@H0bo now that we can agree on 😂😂👍

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