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Although I could see elements of this when I saw this movie several years ago, I wasn't red pilled enough to fully understand how much (unlike the book it was loosely based on) it was a vehicle for propaganda to help lay the foundation for what was to come:

CourseofEmpire 7 Sep 24
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I love these videos. I’ve been aware of this social engineering via movies and tv for a very long time. I can’t watch tv or movies anymore. I see the propaganda. This movie was made in the oughts before the rolling out of the progressive stack, but, you can see the influence at work here even. The progressive stack is nothing more than an inversion of merit. It ranks all people per their “identity” by their present and historical oppression. That’s why you see the “future of all mankind” as presented in this movie as being black and female. And I believe the baby is a girl too. It’s because of this intersectional nonsense.

The good news is it’s not only not selling it’s destroying the entertainment industry. The recent emmy awards with the whole jimmy kimmel groveling et al, was notable not only for that incident but for its low ratings and declining ratings. Had it not been for kimmel to emasculate himself who would have known about this? Exactly. This shows you the influence is waning. And that is a good thing.

Yep, I think people are waking up. I also think the Progressives/Globohomos, etc have gone too far, they're sensing people are waking up and seem to be accelerating things and doing it in such an extreme way that it's also increasing awareness to what they are doing.

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