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The people pushing these shenanigans in the election so that Trump may lose and Biden win at any cost, really have clue what they may be setting loose. Power is like fire and the hand that seizes it is oft burnt. What will it profit them if the gain be ill-gotten? Those who use election fraud to achieve their ends cannot cry fowl when the same methods are used to unseat them in turn. The system they so claim to want to save from the current president will be undermined by these means. They in turn undermine their own power. Many times in life, there are things over which get into our heads the notion that we must have at any cost, that for reasons never quite explained or very thought out, there is this thing. It could be power, wealth, a woman, sex with said woman or maybe another woman, even a candy bar. But we think we got to have it. No matter what. We will walk over anyone to have it. Most of things we think we want are things we only half glimpsed. In many of these cases, it always backfires. The woman you had to have will leave in the end. The sex you had to have results in unwanted pregnancy, some ghastly disease, or the very least, the person you slept with leaves. The candy bar serves only as a temporary solution for a long term insatiable lust. In exactly the same manner, Biden wants something he has only half glimpsed. It is probably not in our best interest that he be president. It most definitely not in his best interest that he be president. He could have retired. Spent his twilight years with his grandchildren. Built a library, a museum, wrote his memoirs. He instead has insisted that he hold an office and endure the strains, the slings and arrows better handled by a younger man. He may likely not long endure in office. He will be holding an office that at least half the voting public he not entitled to due to underhanded efforts made by others to put him there. He will not have a mandate to govern. He will face the same divided government Mr. Trump faces. He will achieve little and endure the same hatred and scorn. It's ill-gotten gain. It is a fool's errand. He is being used to help someone else make it because they were not able to make it on their own due to being so unlikeable. They seized power. And they will be burned by it. I suspect that in four years time, they will find themselves out of office in the same manner they entered. And for what? Nothing.

RLeeBarker 6 Nov 6
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Well said. "He who digs a pit, will fall into it."

dmatic Level 8 Nov 7, 2020

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