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Plus, what about all those people dropping dead from the virus over there? Why did this not happen anywhere else? I'm not aware of one report outside of Wuhan, China where this happened. Shouldn't this be inquired about? Isn't it funny how incurious the MSM is, who never even consider such questions? Hmmm

CourseofEmpire 6 Nov 30
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I’d prefer to keep my civil liberties and freedoms and take my chances on getting the flu.


"mnnett oftt" (talking while gagged)


They have a compliant(coerced) population. Here's how they did it.

True, but what was presented in those videos was used by Western media to push a narrative of fear over the virus. Not once did they question whether maybe what they saw in those videos was staged.


I was told by someone who looked like an authority that there is no evidence here, and then I was told to move along, and then I was told to bend over, and I was also told not to question these orders, and finally I was told not to tell anyone what happens after I bend over, so...

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