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An update on the War of the Spirit.

Louisiana joins the suit brought by Texas.(

Suits between states have original jurisdiction at the Supreme Court, unlike these many other cases that have to slowly wind their way up through lower courts. The suit was filed before the so-called Safe Harbor deadline 1 week prior to the Electoral College.

Implications of this action:

  1. It was well timed and therefore planned. Meaning there is a plan.

  2. Texas is the 2nd largest state in the Union and its actions carry the weight of an Establishment, perhaps not "the Establishment"

  3. Other states jumping on board lend weight to the case

  4. The way the states align presages the needed and wanted breakup of the United States;

even if/when Trump wins, the problems we saw clearly in 2020 will remain and will be larger than ever. When the world wakes up Dec 15th the Electoral College may have failed to produce a winner. There are no do overs. The College actually never in person, it is the aggregate actions at the state capitols. We will be in new territory - a Contingent Election where each state gets one vote based on House of Representatives delegations newly elected. Trump would be favored to win, if Republicans Hold the Line.

Thus we return to the War of the Spirit. I was glad that America did not commit suicide on November 3rd, it was attempted murder. Many have since Held the Line. Some have not. That is sad because if the Enemy wins it is over (barring a miracle). This is the Battle of Milvian Bridge, meaning that if the other side wins, the New Religion is enshrined and we would have to wait a 1000 year Dark Age before freedom sprung up on some distant space colony.

Trump winning does not end the War, but it would prevent the end. What should we do with more time? Salvage the Old Religion? It too is dead. The New must fight the New.

Afterthought 7 Dec 8
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