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Don't believe the lies people! Look at these "world" "war" 2 soldiers wearing drag - if they have time to dress up and dance and take photos it clearly means that there wasn't actually many people dying. WW2 was a nothingburger!

Binary_Agenda 2 Apr 12
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Why isn't the leftmost guy wearing stockings?


It's no wonder why they need to serve alcohol at these dance halls.


You are obviously part of the propaganda, not part of the solution.

At this point, until we get better data, all government action is based on speculation. Nobody knows what order of magnitude the body count is going to be. Will it be on par with a typical flu season or will it be as bad as the spanish flu or will it be worse? The numbers coming out of China are obviously fake, and there are various issues that people have pointed out with data from European countries. Are there long term health effects (e.g. there is research to suggest that ACE2 receptors in the testicles could be affected by the virus and leave a large number of surviving men permanently infertile, this is being discussed currently in medical journals). Can people be reinfected? If people are reinfected is it more deadly on the subsequent times? I would love for ramzpaul to be correct and for this to be "just a flu bro", but nobody knows.

@Binary_Agenda Actually people do know. A blanket statement of "nobody knows" is very disingenuous and deceptive. For you stating such implies that you know, but you just said "nobody knows". See how stupid you are appearing?